Wednesday, July 30, 2008

what the?

Today was kinda rough. Monkey Pants has been a tad bit crabby lately and last night she cried and cried when I put her to bed. She was droopy today and screamed at nap time. So, knowing that she gets ear infections really easily and just had one a week and a half ago I figured we better head to the doctor. It turns out that her ears are just fine but the doctor showed me that she is getting 4 big teeth at once. Poor Monkey! I didn’t even think to look for teeth. She is a toothy kid and already has her one year molars in so it didn’t even cross my mind. I guess these are her 2 yr molars? Man, she excels in teeth growing. On the way home she screamed at full throttle the entire way. It was the longest 25 minutes of my life. Anybody out there have tips for teething? I gave her Motrin and put some of that numbing goo on her gums. Is that about all you can do?

I finally got Marlie fed and in bed and I hopped on the old computer to do some work. In the process I found out that someone hacked in to my Paypal account and tried to buy an $800 computer. Are you kidding me! So, I spent most of the night on the phone with the kind people at Paypal working it out. It turns out someone from, get this, Lithuania, was the hacker. What in the world? Anyway we got it worked out. But man that’s just weird and scary. I mean, I’m all for Lithuanians having computers, but I am not going to donate $800 to the cause.

Tomorrow will be busy busy. I have Mista Nug in the morning. Beth and I have to get some name collages packed and shipped and then Bridget the amazing babysitter is coming so I can do some work. Uncle Sam is expecting a sales tax check from me so I have to tackle my boxes of unrecorded receipts and I have clients waiting for photos so I have got to get crankin. And now, to bed!


Jodie Allen said...

have you seen those funny little food holders... they are like a baby toy but there's a net on the end to hold fresh food for a baby to suck on? I have one and when I'm not in bed I can tell you the brand name, they sell them at Target. ANYWAY, you can put ice in there and they love to chew on the ice...obviously it makes a wet mess as it melts, but both my girls loved it. I just bought a new one for Grayson! Also, I used to get a wash cloth really wet and then freeze they chew on it it softens but it's easy to hold onto and they like the cold. Neither girl liked those teething rings you can freeze b/c they were too cold to hold onto. And bitter biscuits are good too! Need more ideas? :)

jessicabusse said...

Hi Erin! I don't have any teething ideas but the whole hacking thing is my worse nightmare! I'm so sorry it happened to you. How did you find out? I'm so bad about checking and I'm so scared it might happen to me and I'll NEVER know. I'm so glad you caught it and got it all worked out!

erin said...

Thanks for the tips Jod. Looks like I'm headed to Target today.

Jess- The lady at Paypal said that the best advice she could give me was to change my password every month. Basically the longer you have the same one, the longer someone has to hack it. Makes sense. Amazingly I just happened to try and buy something with my account on the SAME day that someone tried to buy the computer. This is a miracle because I hardly ever use it. Thanks God! That was a close one. Now I just have to remember to keep changing my password!