Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tate boy - 4.75 mos

Hello. I'm almost 5 mos old. My sister calls me "baldy head boy". My ears glow when my mom puts me in front of the window to feed me. I don't really want anything to do with this rice cereal junk. That's all for now. Catch ya later.

Monday, August 22, 2011

U2 2011

Mid July some of our great friends came in town for the U2 concert. About 2 years ago we saw U2 in Chicago with some of the same friends and I was so mad at myself for not bringing my camera because we ended up getting crazy close to the stage. Well, this time I grabbed my camera, put on my 50mm lens and prayed we would get close again...and boy did we.

Its a good thing, because I don't know if I'll ever be able to do general admission again. First of all, most of the girls had to stay behind until the last minute because we are all breastfeeding so we sat around pumping; not quite the pre-party of our younger days. Secondly, I had to wear a back support brace due to the mess my abs are after having a 9lb 6oz baby. Thirdly, I had to wear running shoes and socks with shorts (leaving me looking like an American tourist) to further help my back. Lastly, we all piled in our new minivan to get to the concert. This is all proof that we are in fact, getting old.

The concert was, of course, amazing. It was worth all the standing and sweating (it was about 100 degrees outside). There is only one thing that disappointed me, and this is where I confess a secret life long dream. Sometimes U2 sings "Mysterious Ways" at their concerts, and when they do Bono pulls a girl up on stage to dance with him. I have secretly always wanted to be that girl. I mean...it would be amazing. At this summer's concert they sang the song and we were right by the stage and Bono even walked right by us in the beginning. My heart was beating so fast as he got closer to us...I thought that my dream might come true. But also I was panicking, because people...I had a back brace on and those socks and tennis shoes with shorts! So embarrassing, and more likely that I would move in awkward ways, not mysterious ways. I may as well have had pleated mom jeans on up to my neck. So, in the end, it was better he didn't choose me. In fact he didn't choose anyone for some reason.

So, maybe I will have to stand in general admission again. Someday Bono...someday. And next time I'll try and dress a little more mysteriously.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

9 years

I knew Shane Duggin in high school. I always thought he was cute. He had these huge green eyes and it seemed like he could see through me. We were friends who's circles of friends overlapped at times. When he asked me how I was doing it seemed like he actually wanted to know what the answer was. He seemed wise beyond his years even then. We ended up at the same college and our friendship grew. At times I thought we might end up together, other times I was sure I wouldn't be so lucky. After 3 years we finally started dating. I freaked out and broke up with him. I was scared I guess. He waited patiently for me to come around and I did. He asked me to marry him on a mountain peak and I couldn't believe how blessed I was. Nine years ago tonight we were dancing our first dance. And then we bought two houses, survived law school, and had two cute kids. Time flies. I still can't believe how blessed I am.

photo by the always brilliant Jen Seris

Shane got me this awesome bus roll for Christmas (cuz I told him to) designed by Kal Barteski. If you don't know about Kal check out her blog, she is amazing. It pretty much sums up how I feel about our life together. Happy Anniversary Shane. Love you forever.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

a trip to the mountains

We spent what felt like FOREVER packing up the car and kiddos and headed to our favorite state, Colorado. It was a stinkin long car trip, but when we got there we were welcomed by some of our favorite people. Our friends Bill and Peggie recently fulfilled a dream of theirs and retired to an amazing house in the mountains. I tried to get them to let me do a photo shoot of them while I was there but they just wouldn't do it. Stinkers. I did get this one though...

Love those two. I hope Shane and I are brave enough and in love enough to embark on such an adventure when we retire. So cool.

Marlie was in awe of their antique swing set in the front yard. Now that is what I call a view! She was so inspired that she learned to pump while we were there.

What a sweet girl...

Tate was a pretty perfect little traveler and just went with the flow. Its a little soon to tell, but I think he'll be a mountain man.

Our friends the Days were there too. You may remember them from this post.

Liddy and Marlie were little buddies...

Chad and Shane rode in a benefit bike ride for Children's Hospital in Denver. More specifically for the Children's Hospital Metabolic Clinic. Two of Chad and Sarah's girls live with an incredibly rare metabolic disorder. The clinic and the amazing staff are a large part of their lives. We've watched them make their way through this journey with their girls so I couldn't think of a better ride for Shane to be a part of or a better friend to do it with.

Chad had the girl's names written on his arm for inspiration to keep going...

And it worked. I was amazed at how far they rode. Huge hills, high altitude. Amazing, and all for the kids.

If you want to donate to the metabolic clinic you can click here to donate even though the ride is already completed.

Such a fun trip. Traveling with two kids is exhausting, I think I'm still recovering. But, it was worth it just to be with these folks. I miss the cool mornings and evenings, a warm cup of tea on the porch, the smell of an afternoon rain storm, the huge mountain peaks, but most of all I miss our friends. Love you guys!