Tuesday, November 30, 2010

this one time I made a felt wreath

Last year felt rosette wreaths were popping up all over the blogosphere. They are so cute and I've been wanting to try making one for a long time. My friend Emily made this adorable one for Valentine's Day.

I needed a new Christmas wreath so I decided to start a few weeks ago because I had been warned that this project is pretty time consuming. And its true, there are lots and lots of felt circles to draw and cut out....

I decided to make a crisp white one and then added some colorful felt balls. Just cuz...I don't know...tis the season for colorful balls I guess. I finally finished it today and I'm pretty happy with the results. Cute!

Click here for the design sponge tutorial that I used. Happy decorating!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Day thanks and a deal for you

Yesterday was a wonderful Thanksgiving. I meant to blog about all the things I was thankful for, but I was too busy enjoying them to blog :). It was a chilly and wet day, we watched Shane play football with some friends, I baked pies, we saw both of our families. It started snowing big fluffy flakes out my mom's picture window as we sat eating our turkey as if to say "winter is here!". It was great. I really am so thankful.

Today is Black Friday and I am inside plugging away at work and hoping to avoid any sort of shopping. Some years I have it in me and this is not one of them. Have fun if you do venture out! If you choose to stay in and do some internet shopping then I have a deal for you ...

Today or tomorrow if you purchase 2 or more name collages then you get free shipping. That's $10 off each sign! Just enter holiday2010 in the coupon code box and the deal is yours. The code will be expired by Sunday, so get on over to the shop and cross some gifts off your list. Happy shopping!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

its a...

I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. Its just hard for me to picture a little guy around here I guess! Everything looks healthy. To quote the ultrasound tech "Oh, he has a beautiful aorta." That's great news!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Miss A - the family pop star

My niece's birthday was last month and instead of getting her another toy or craft kit or something I told her I would take her out for a pop-star photo shoot. She is the family pop-star after all, and has been in to getting her picture taken lately so I thought it would be fun. And it was so fun!

I cannot believe this is the same kid that used to scream and wiggle and do anything to get away from my camera.

Move over Miley. This shot was totally her idea. She is reaching out to her fans in the front row if you can't tell...

Happy b-day sweet miss A. You are such a hoot!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Potty training is different for every kid, every house, every family. I know for some people its not a big deal. In our house its been a bit of a dramatic, fit pitching, tear inducing, monster of a deal. Pee pee in the potty, Monkey Pants mastered that months ago. Poopy is another story. This summer I bought her a little craft kit and it has been sitting by the potty with the understanding that as soon as she pooped in there we would bust that baby open and craft away.

Yesterday was that big day. We danced around, clapped, cheered, went out for ice-cream and excitedly opened her little craft kit together. She painted and glued and giggled and asked me to paint with her.

Last night we were chatting nose to nose in her bed, one last snuggle of the day. Suddenly she got this huge smile on her face and said...

"Mommy, thanks for my heart box."

I started to explain to her that she really earned it and I was so proud, but before I could finish she interuppted...

"I know, I know mommy, but thank you so much for painting it with me."

And then I melted.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the Munson fam

I met with my friends Scott and Sarah and their little girl Charlie, that you've probably seen on this blog more than once, for a shoot recently. They are still adorable...

But this time Sarah's parents and whole family came along too. The weather was perfect and the trees were at their peak color.

Gotta love a family that can kick off the heels and climb a tree. Mom's idea, and they happily obliged.

Have you ever seen three prettier sisters?

Its a good thing that we put James in some of the family photos...

because these two got engaged this past weekend. Congrats Emily and James!

What a fun shoot. Thanks guys!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Art in Stereo...the coolest Christmas cards

A few weeks ago my friend/fellow photographer Bailey Mohr did a family shoot for us. A few of my favs...

And you know this one is getting blown up big. Sometimes you just need someone else to get a good shot of your kid and did she ever...

Part of the reason that I wanted a family shoot done this fall was because after seeing my friend Russ's Christmas card options I really wanted to get some this year. Check them out...

What are you waiting for? Go here for the deets and get your order in!