Friday, October 21, 2011

Jen & Steve + their three cute kids

Last week I got to spend some time with my friends Jen and Steve and their three cute kids. They booked this shoot with me a looong time ago and the day had finally come.

Their youngest, Nathan, is the cutest little butter bean you ever saw. He had the whole family cracking up.

I love these two moments I was fortunate enough to catch...

Such sweet little faces...

Jen suggested I get some balloons for the kids. So...I did. I got 36" ones. They were so fun! We started with 4 and ended up with two. That's the thing about balloons, you can't do somersaults with them :).

Thanks for a fun afternoon guys!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Amy & Mark

One of my closest friends Amy is getting married next month to her love, Mark. I met up with them in Columbia last weekend for an engagement shoot.

Are they cute or what? This is what happens when you ask fun people to harness their inner model for a "sultry look". Love it.

Mark has an awesome truck that was his Grandpa's. We took it out for a little spin.

Love this one...

And then we enjoyed the last few minutes of the sun and played in a field for a bit.

Can't wait for your wedding guys!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tate Boy - 6 mos 6 days

Tate Boy, I can't believe you are six months old already. Its all going a little too fast for me. I thought sure you would have lots of dark hair and hazel eyes and here you are with those baby blues and peach fuzz. I love it. You got your first tooth last week. You are so sweet and gentle. You have been trying out your voice a lot lately and so far you sound just like Prince when you scream. Its hard to remember what life was like before you were around. We love having you in our family.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm back...with Beth and family

Its October already. The weather is beautiful, the leaves are changing, and I am back shooting after taking 6 months maternity leave. Who better to start back up with than my friend Beth and her always adorable fam?

Lily is always on the run. She kept running up to me and holding her arms out so I would pick her up. Its hard to resist that little face...

Oh Westie, you always make my heart melt. I remember when you were a wee nugget.

I snapped a few of Beth and Kurt at the end of our shoot. Look at those smiles, you would never know that both kids were screeching in the stroller.

Love you guys.

I am all booked up with shoots through November, but if you want to brave the winter weather for a shoot (sledding pics?!) or want to book ahead for spring then shoot me an email...