Tuesday, March 22, 2011

you gotta get this

Remember Russ who designed those amazing Christmas cards? Well, he is also a very talented musician. We are blessed to have him as our worship leader at church and blessed to call he, his wife Katie + their little man Eliot friends.

Russ just came out with a new worship EP available for download. Not only is it just really dang good music, but it supports their family in their latest journey; adopting a little baby boy this spring. So..go go go! Click here to hear it and download it.

Hymns & Spiritual Songs is a worship EP comprised of 3 original tracks and 2 hymns by Fundamental Elements front-man and City Church director of worship arts, Russ Mohr. Russ collaborated with band-mate and close friend Luke DeJaynes, who engineered and mixed the project. All instruments were performed by Russ and Luke. Recorded at the Groove Kitchen in Greenville, IL.

This EP was recorded as a fund-raising effort to help the Mohr family offset the expenses of adopting a baby boy in Spring, 2011. It is our hope and prayer that the music recorded on this album is a blessing to you and your family, just as your purchase of this record has been a blessing to ours.

Thanks so much for supporting our endeavor and our art. Enjoy!

Monday, March 14, 2011

the daddy daughter dance

He saw an advertisement about the daddy daughter dance and decided without prompting to take her. He asked and she said yes. They both got dressed up in their dancing outfits. She wanted to wear her Cinderella dress, but we compromised on a different one. He bought her neon pink and green flowers for their date and she loved them. He bought me some non-neon flowers and I loved them.

I snapped a few photos before they left. Having her leg up like that was her idea and it worries me a bit, but its funny.

She also insisted on getting a picture of them practicing a dip. Too cute.

Shane sent me a text later that said "Marlie just came out of her shell on the dance floor when Party in the USA came on." That's my girl. She has some moves.

I stayed home and read a book in the bathtub. It was so nice. I love those two.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dear Marlie

Dear Marlie,

Today I saw our rain boots lined up next each other and I teared up a little. I know that I am a little emotional these days, but it just got me thinking about me and you.

I am really excited about your little brother who is coming so soon. But I must admit Monkey Pants, that I am a little sad that the days of just me and you are coming to an end.

With Daddy at school and work over the last 4 years, we've spent a whole lot of time together, just the two of us. And I've loved it. You are my little side kick. My favorite munchkin. My sweet girl.

I know you will be a great big sister. I know we will have some hard days getting used to this big change. I also know we will work it out and be just fine.

Thanks for scratching my itchy belly and letting me sleep a little longer in the mornings. Also, thank you for not liking peanut butter so I can keep all of my Girl Scout Cookies to myself. Thanks for everything. I love you to pieces. - Mommy