Sunday, April 25, 2010

Super Shane

Thank you for all of the sweet comments and prayers for Shane. He has always been somewhat of a super hero in my eyes and it turns out it really is true for two reasons...

- Don't all super heros wear spandex?

- Only a super hero could get hit by a car and then go to work the next day.

Seriously. Its nothing short of a miracle. He is still gimping around a little bit, not ready to put his full weight on his bruised heel. The side he landed on is tender and puffy and bruised, but that is about it.

We spent our weekend doing fun things: making Shane rest, avoiding tornadoes in our area, Marlie's first trip to Build - a - Bear, a much needed date night, church, lunch with friends. We've been holding hands more than usual, remembering what is truly important. When your husband could have easily been killed, the weeds in the garden aren't so important anymore.

The only problem is Shane already thought he was some what invincible. Now he knows he can scale cars in a single bound and live to tell about it. Hmmm ...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The time Shane became the poster boy for helmet safety

Shane is a biker. Did I ever tell you that? He is a road biker. He loves biking. In fact on our first official date we stopped at a shop so that he could buy some bike shorts. And of course I teased him about wearing them. But I fell in love with him despite the spandex.

Here he is in a race a few summers back...

One thing Shane loves to do is to commute to work on his bike, even though it is about 15 miles each way. We have been a one car family for about two months since our old car finally bit the dust and so he has been biking to work even more than usual. It has always scared me. Its just too far, too often for something bad not to happen. He has always reassured me and laughed off my concerns, but in the morning I anxiously wait for a text telling me he has gotten there OK and in the evening Marlie and I wait to see him ride down our street.

This morning I got the call that I have been fearing the most...

me: Hello?
Shane: Babe, its me.
me: Shane are you OK?!
Shane: No, I've been hit.
me: By a car?!!
Shane: Yeah. I think I'm OK. I don't know. I got hit. The police are on the way.
Shane: I'm at Adams and Lindeman. An ambulance is coming.
me: I'm leaving now. I love you.
Shane: I love you.

The 20 minute drive felt like an hour. I was so shaken up. Marlie was scared. I was scared. She wanted to bring band aids for him and I was terrified of what shape he might be in when we got there. I thought for a moment about losing him. It was horrible.

When we got there things had calmed down and I could see that Shane was probably OK. He was hurt but he was OK. The EMTs determined it was fine for me to drive him to the ER myself and so off we went. It wasn't until he recounted the whole accident to the nurse at the ER that I fully understood how blessed we were. It wasn't until then that I knew that he had flown across the car roof and landed on the other side.

He was poked and prodded. X-rays were taken. And amazingly nothing was broken. He has a bum foot and a lot of bruises and scrapes. He is going to be really sore for a while. And he gets to wear this awesomely attractive boot which I am convinced is actually made for the other foot...

His bike is another story. Its totaled. But he doesn't even really care.

We went home, breathed a sigh of relief, thanked the Lord for His mercy, rested up and managed to make it to a very important dinner tonight. Shane's grandma, Nan, turned 90 today. She is a very special lady and missing her b-day just wasn't an option.

This is what she looked like when Shane told her what happened. She was not so happy...

But then we cheered her up and had some cake...

What a day.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Marlie's 3 yr pics

This weekend we packed up some cute clothes, cute shoes and one cute 3 year old for a photo shoot. Honestly, it didn't go how I had dreamed. Photographing Marlie is really challenging for me. There are several reasons, but mostly because it is just way too painful for her to look at the camera and smile for me because that would mean doing exactly what I ask you see. I just had to breathe deep and let go a bit and we got some great shots in the end.

I love this kid...

One of my new favorite dresses...


love this one too. She is always bouncing...

Marlie thanks you for all the b-day wishes and I thank you for all of the comment love!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Monkey Pants turns 3

Today is my little lady's b-day. I cannot believe that she is 3. It blows my mind.

We had the fam over for her birthday party last Sunday. Last year I decorated how I wanted because I figured it was my last year to make the decision myself without Marlie's input. And boy was I was right. This year Marlie requested a princess party, Sleeping Beauty to be exact. So on Sunday I found myself crafting a cake that I would have previously never been caught dead making.

Please meet Aurora....

Isn't she lovely? Well, Marlie thought so anyway. Here she is admiring her. It was love at first site. And then she lovingly blew out her dress when we lit it on fire.

Shane asked if we were having a bachelor party or a birthday party since he thought she looked a little more like a lady jumping out of cake than a princess. Whatever.

She was pretty tasty...

Today was a have fun with Monkey Pants day instead of my normal Friday work day since I just couldn't bear the thought of not spending her b-day with her. We went to Purina Farms for the first time. It was a little rough at first when the activities included getting stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, Marlie rubbing sunscreen in her eye, and waiting in line for 20 minutes to milk a cow only to freak out when actually confronted with pulling on a teet. But then there was an awesome dog show and it salvaged our visit. I am not a dog person, but dogs flying through the air to the tune of C&C Music Factory, now that is cool.

My sunglasses helped with the sunscreen eye.

Marlie requested Steak N Shake for lunch and I aim to please. We sat and ate, and chatted and laughed. I watched her and thought about how blessed I am to have such a sweet little girl with such a spunky personality.

A pretty fun b-day I think. Marlie was all wound up at nap time so I laid down with her for a while. As she was falling asleep with her nose touching mine she whispered... "I love you mom. I love the dog show."

Happy Birthday Monkey Pants! I love you to pieces.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I used to pick a winner today and the winner is #7....

"1 week down and two to go for the little chicklets! Can't wait." -Erin

Congratulations Erin! Email me with what name you want for your collage.

Erin is a super fun and generous client that I am working on a secret project with. It shall be revealed soon. And yes it involves chicklets as in baby chickens. Hee Hee. I can't wait either!

Thanks for all of the comments on your favorite spring things to do. Mine would be eating dinner outside at a fun restaurant or in our little backyard. I love a good patio dinner.

Enjoy this spring day! Its back to editing photos for me, but I might just find a good patio to do it on.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

name collages are back and ... a giveaway

Name collages have been on hold for a bit while Beth was busy making more little people and then adjusting to life with two nuggets instead of one. I'm happy to announce that she is back at work and we are taking orders again. Its wedding season and name collages make the perfect gift. So...head over to the shop page of my website and with a few clicks you will be on your way to having an awesome present to give.

And just because its nice and beautiful and warm outside and that makes me happy lets do a giveaway. Leave a comment here and you might just win a name collage for yourself or someone else if you're feeling generous. Tell me your favorite thing to do in spring in your comment and do it before 9:00 a.m. on Thursday to be entered. Good luck readers!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kristy + Ryan

Kristy and Ryan were married on Friday. It was a gorgeous day here in St. Louis. Perfect weather for a wedding.

We started the day with a private moment at Forest Park. Kristin was such a beautiful bride and you could tell by Ryan's reaction to seeing her for the first time that he was in awe of her. To see more from their day click here to see the slide show. Congratulations you two!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Mr. Nug turns 2

Last week Mista Nug had a b-day. I can't believe that this little chunk is 2! I borrowed him for a bit on Friday so I could get some new pics.

Its no secret that this little man is adorable, but he exceeded even my expectations on this particular day. I mean seriously.

He did a little light reading...

And showed me his new b-day shoes...

and his huge blue eyes...

Westie is really in to dinosaurs these days so we brought his new ones along to play with.

Oh those eye lashes..

Lets take a closer look...

Happy b-day Mista Nug. I love watching you grow but you will always be a little nugget to me.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter weekend

This weekend was packed full of fun stuff. It was Shane's birthday, Easter, and my best friend and her 3 little girls were in town. There was laughing, field trips, dinners out, time with family, time with friends, naps, too much candy, galoshes necessary for a soggy egg hunt...

pink ruffles, silver shoes, butterfly nets...

And of course today, like every year, I was reminded that while all of those things are wonderful, Easter is about something so much bigger...

There in the ground His body lay
Light of the world by darkness slain
Then bursting forth in glorious Day
Up from the grave He rose again
And as He stands in victory
Sin’s curse has lost its grip on me
For I am His and He is mine
Bought with the precious blood of Christ
("In Christ Alone" Keith Getty & Stuart Townend)

Hope your weekend was great!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Irene and Amy

A few weeks ago one of my best friends Amy called. When I answered the phone she said "I just had the greatest idea." And..she did. Her idea was to do a shoot with her sweet, almost 90 year old Gran. And of course I was all over it. So on Tuesday they came over for a visit. Meet Irene...

Now I know where Amy gets her huge blue eyes.

These two were so funny. I told them to "be contemplative" but it didn't last long...

We went over to the park for a bit...

Love this one...

Next we went over to Foam for some chatting over yummy drinks...

Irene kept apologizing for laughing so much. To which I replied don't change a thing!

So much fun! Irene it was a pleasure spending time with you. Thanks for having such a great idea Amy, and for trusting me with this.