Monday, November 30, 2009

Coom By Ya

Today was one of those days. I started the day peppy and cheerful but by 10:00 I wanted to pull my hair out. You know those days when you know that everything going wrong is not the end of the world or even that important in the grand scheme of things and you keep telling yourself that, but inside you want to scream and run away to Cabo? was one of those days.

I found out this morning that my computer was malfunctioning. When I burned client's photos on to a disc for them it could only be read on MY computer...not. any. other. computer. This is bad because well...thats kind of what I do and its kind of my busiest time of year.

I did manage to make it through the day without totally losing it. Perhaps because there were little reminders along the way that helped keep my perspective in check. I was messing around with my computer trying to figure out what the heck was going on while Marlie colored next to me at my desk...

me: Huge sigh

Monkey Pants: What's wrong mom mom?

me: Oh sweetie, mom is just having a hard time. My computer is kind of broken and I'm trying to fix it.

Monkey Pants: I help you mom. My turn help you mom mom.

So cute. It made me tear up a bit

What is a 30 year old girl to do when she is on the edge of a melt down? Call my mom of course. She ran interference and then talked me down off the edge.

When I told her about Marlie offering to help me she reminded me of something I did at about the same age. My mom had gotten hopelessly lost and was really late for a soft-ball game. She had been driving around for a long time and started to cry. From my car seat I started singing "Coom By Ya"..."Someone's crying Lord. Coom By Ya." I had forgotten about that story. It was a full circle moment.

So at the end of a very long day as I was cooking dinner, confirming that I am in fact the worst pancake maker that ever lived, I started singing a little Coom By Ya. It made me smile and helped me refocus. And you know what? The day got better. I enjoyed our burnt pancake dinner, we went to Target together, and went and got our Christmas tree. Also, I think I fixed the computer problem. Not too shabby.

I'll tell you more about my mom tomorrow. She's great.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

little J

Little J came over a few weeks back for a shoot. At first he just kind of stared at me. He was probably wondering what in the world I was doing...

But pretty soon he was all smiles...

LOVE this one....

Too cute!


Thanksgiving was wonderful. It was really relaxing and laid back and that is my kind of holiday. And now...on to Christmas!

This week is pretty busy with work, but I am determined to squeeze in lots of decorating and crafting and drinking hot cocoa and just general merriment. I love breaking out the spruce scented candles, decorating the tree while listening to Christmas music and wrapping up gifts with crisp wrapping paper. What is your favorite part of getting ready for Christmas?

Friday, November 27, 2009

black Friday sale!

I thought I'd hop on the black Friday band wagon and offer a great deal on name collages. Looking for a fun, personalized gift for someone this year? Name collages make great gifts. Check it out (go to the shop page). Spell out a last name or just a fun word that makes you think of that special person.

Now for the deal! If you buy a collage today and enter SHIP as the coupon code you will get free shipping. That means you get $10 off of your order. Pretty sweet deal. Its just for today so click here to get your order in!

I'll be out of town today and not around to answer name collage questions so here are a few common questions and answers...

1) How long does it take to get a collage?
We ask that you give us about 2 weeks

2) Can I pick out my own letters?
We haven't figured out a great way to do that yet. Just let us pick them out. Trust me, we'll make it look good.

3) Does the collage come matted and framed?
Yep. Clean white mat and simple black wooden frame.

4) Where are the letters from?
The letters are from signs, old and new, all over the state of Missouri.

5) Do you gift wrap?
No, but we can include a card with a message from you.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

thankfulness + a black Friday hint

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we have grand plans to be a little lazy, watch Shane play some football, eat some Turkey of course and spend time with a lot of people we love. I'm thankful for a ton of things this year. I'm very blessed, my heart feels full.

I'm taking some time off the next few days. I'll be away from my computer and phone until Monday. Except for Friday morning that is, when I post a little black Friday deal for you so check back for that!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kevin + Lauren + McKinley

Last weekend my friends Kevin and Lauren and their little girl, McKinley, met up with me for a shoot. It was their first time back to the studio since her newborn photos and oh my gosh has she gotten pleasantly plump and seriously adorable. People...get ready...she is really stinking cute.

I mean seriously! It took all my strength not to put her in my pocket and take her out later for a cheek nibble. I LOVE baby chubs.

Then we headed outside on this amazing fall day. And took some luggage with us...

And my favorite chair...

Kevin and Lauren have the greatest smiles...

My new favorite spot...found this place randomly a few weeks ago..

Oh my word. Such a cute baby! Thanks friends!

twinkle twinkle

Marlie's new song...

A B C time won't you sing with me?
Up bove da world so high.
Like a dybin in da sky.

Twinkle, twinkle little star.
How I wonder what you are.
Down came the rain and washed the spider out.

I love that kid.

Feeling warm and fuzzy from your sweet comments yesterday. Thank you!

Monday, November 23, 2009

my bride Amy + her cute fam

You may remember this post from a while back where my friend Amy graciously let me dress her up like a bride and traipse her all over downtown St. Louis in search of creative shots.

Well, a week or so ago I did another shoot with Amy, only this time she brought the whole fam along. We headed back to my favorite door because I thought it would be cool to get some shots of her family in the same spot and because well....I just can't help it, I love that door.

In real life Amy isn't a newlywed, but a beautiful mom of two. Just look at these cute girls...

S0 adorable! Love this one of them in action...

We found some new fun spots near the famous green door that I love...

I'm a big fan of converse so I was pretty excited that they brought some along..

This one might be my favorite...

Or this one...

I can't decide.

Thanks guys! It was so fun!

Friday, November 20, 2009


A few Fridays ago I met up with cute little Waylon and his parents for a fall photo shoot.

Those blue eyes! love them.

Angie is a faithful blog reader and always so encouraging. Thanks for that Angie!

We went and hung out in the alley for a little bit...

Love these two...

Thanks guys!


Today is a good day. I have lots of work to do, but no shoots. This means that I might just get to stay in my jammies all day long. It also means that I will be crossing lots of things off of my long list of things to do and I love that. Fun times with friends are planned for the weekend, plus two shoots mixed in. Hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I met Pioneer Woman and I have the grainy photos to prove it

I know I have clients out there waiting for their sneak peek, Angie you are next! But I wanted to tell you about how I got to meet Pioneer Woman along with about 400 other people last night and took some really grainy photos to prove it. It was dark in there folks.

I've been reading Pioneer Woman for about two years. Its one of the blogs that I always go back to. Ree is funny, real, a really good writer, and loves photography. She is also an amazing cook and just came out with a cook book. So when my bff Beth called to tell me that she was coming to St. Louis for a book signing I got pretty excited. Beth, her sister Robin and I went together to hear her talk a little and get our books signed. Here is Beth asking PW a question about what kind of cowboy boots she recommends. It was pretty cute...

and brave! When I talk in front of a lot of people my voice gets even higher than it already is so that only dogs can hear the words, and the words seem to come out of my nose instead of my mouth because I stop breathing. So...needless to say I let Beth do the talking.

There is Marlboro Man hanging out in the background. He signed my book too. He was super sweet just like you would think he is.

Then we waited in line for oh...3 hours to get our books signed. Oh well, good talking time. Here is our self portrait...

Man I need to get my eyebrows done.

And then finally it was our turn. She was so nice...

And then as I was leaving she asked if we could be best friends. Ok...thats a lie. But I could see it in her eyes. She did give us free t-shirts! Well, us and everyone else...but whatever. She loved us.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Neil + Annie + little George

A few years ago I photographed Neil and Annie's wedding. It was beautiful, they are a beautiful couple and were so fun to work with.
So when I got an email from Annie a few months back I was excited to hear from her. And even more excited that she wanted to set up a shoot with me and introduce me to the newest member of their family. Meet George.....
Love those eyes!

We played in the park together...

And then tried on his new boots...

Thanks guys! He is adorable!


You know how you have friends that feel like family? Friends that you know you will laugh with? That love you for who you are? That you can go without seeing for months and when you get back together its like you never left? We spent this weekend with friends like that. And it was really nice.

I'm feeling a little melancholy today. Maybe I'm just missing those friends in that slow moving little town. Or maybe its the fact that I noticed yesterday that almost all of the leaves are off of the trees already. I just love fall and I hate to see it go. So, today we are going to seek out fun, look for the last of the orange leaves, and maybe have some chai. Yes....definitley chai. Have a good Monday!

Friday, November 13, 2009

aaron + sarah + 2 adorable kiddos

Remember last Friday when I had 4 shoots in one day? Well, my first shoot was with a cute family who met up with me bright and early in my neighborhood. Aaron and Sarah and their two adorable kids.
Just look at the eyes on these two!

Oh my gosh....the cutest!
If you are looking for good ideas of what to wear for a family shoot this family really got it right. Layers, accessories, fun color pop... love it!

Just when I thought our shoot was over...she looked at me like this...

I love my job. Thanks guys!

Today...just one shoot and a lot of other work to do and then we are off on a little road trip. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

matt + katie + sophie

I met up with my friends Matt and Katie and their sweet girl, Sophia, for a shoot on Halloween. I love doing shoots with them. I've had the pleasure of doing a few and its always fun.

They are laid back and fun and well...just a really cute family.I had a vision of Sophie in this chair in a field when planning our shoot and it turned out just how I dreamed it.
my fav....she is so adorable. And that hat!
Thanks guys!