Sunday, April 5, 2009

bring it

This weekend my friend Amy and I headed out for a photo shoot. One I have been planning for a while. I am offering a new option for brides. Fun, atypical bridal portraits. You may have heard of the new photography trend called "trash the dress" where brides do crazy poses in their dresses after the wedding. Well, this is not so much a trash the dress kind of shoot. More like a "sit and lay and jump in the dress" without getting so nervous about it getting dirty on your wedding day. This flexibility allows for some incredible shots.

When looking for a model for my shoot I immediately thought of Amy. She is so fun and always up for my crazy antics.

"Hey Amy wanna drive to Chicago and back in one day to get a couch?"


"Hey Amy, wanna dress up like a bride and pose for photos for me all day long?"


Plus, she is gorgeous. It was so much fun and I love the shots we got. Here are some of my favorites. Ok, a lot of my favorites. I changed up my blog layout so I can make my photos larger here.






I LOVE this one...


And I freaked when we found this wall...







So, bring it on brides! These shoots can be done soon after your wedding but before you have your dress cleaned. Or you can even do this long after your wedding! Husbands, has your wife always been unhappy with your wedding photos? This would be a fun gift for her. Girls, one of these shoots in your prom dress would make great senior photos.

To see all of the shots from my shoot with Amy click here and enter Bringiton as the password.

Amy, thanks friend. You're the best!


Anonymous said...

I love, love, love it! You are so talented.


Amy R said...

In a cruel twist of fate, I am unable to see the large pictures now! But I went to the link and saw them and they are as fun to see as they were to do! I had a blast and I am ALWAYS up for anything else you have in mind! I love the one where I'm laughing in front of the Brides wall. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. Stunning!! I love the one with the polka dot rain boots and the first couple with the great light are just awesome. Gorgeous, Erin!

Katie said...

I LOVE THESE!!!!! very cool!!!!

Sara D. said...

I am dying to do this. With a bunch of friends. That would be the best group picture of all time. They are abosolutely incredible!!!!

Gretel said...


I am in love with your talent. You are amazing. What a great concept. I would love to do that after the second baby is here and I am back to normal. It would be fun to get the grooms dressed up too. Maybe a great way to celebrate 5 or 10 year anniversary's. Could you do that for us? I was also thinking about getting information for a shoot for our second baby arrival with William. You have won my vote for using your service.

Maggie Laughlin Honerkamp said...

LOVE these! Amy did a great job, gorgeous!
PS- I don't know if I would fit in my dress? :)

Beth said...

Wow, these are spectacular. I especially love the one with the "hit or miss" door. Amy should be a professional...she's got all the right expressions!