Friday, April 24, 2009

goodnight Friday

For those of you that still care...I lost 0.8 this week. Thats better. I am starting P90X for real on Tuesday so I'm hoping that will give me a little boost.

For those of you that are sick of hearing about it... sorry but I promised I'd stick with it.

Today was fairly fabulous. Morning work. Clean desk. Actually blew my hair dry and wore makeup. WW meeting. Ran errands by myself. Nice.

Tomorrow...even better. In the a.m. I am leaving on a little road trip with my buddy Amy. Not the bride from the bring it shoot, but my other buddy Amy. Goz as we like to call her. We are headed off in to the country in search of barns, and laughs, and a little photography lesson, and probably some junior mints cuz those are her fav. Then to top it all off Beth will be joining us sans Nug for a pajama party. We'll probably do our nails. Beth...bring your caboodle!

Its just for one day and night. Just one day and night to be me. Not Erin the mom with diapers in her purse, or Erin the photog trying to make a living, or Erin the wife worrying about what is for dinner. Just Erin. I rather like her so it will be nice to see her again.

Have a good weekend!


Jennifer said...

I like ALL of those Erins :)

Amy R said...

Me too. I am a fan of Erin in all roles. :)

Terri S. said...

Erin, love following your blog..have fun in the country. See you on Tuesday.

Matt, Katie, and Sophia! said...

Have a great time, friend! And ditto for me...I like all the Erin's I know all lumped together. Have fun with Beth and Goz. Here's hoping for a Caboodle sighting. You might need evidence, though. Can you hop into the "Erin as photog" role for just a second to get a snapshot of it...if it chooses to make an appearance? Pretty please? :)

Beth said...

Caboodle...check. No baby in carseat...check. Ready for a trip out west...absolutely.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your day/night out. It's always good to have a mommy/wifey break. I think it makes you a better person, and far more refreshed!