Tuesday, April 14, 2009

delivery day

I love a good productive day. Its 2:00 and I’ve already dropped off dry cleaning, been to the post office, dropped of a CD for a client, scouted out a thrift store, picked up Marlie, snuggled and read books with her, put her down for a nap, and carried 20 boxes of collage frames down to the basement. Whew. Beth had Monkey Pants this morning for a few hours and I had to make use of that monkey free time.

note to self: Sometimes places that used to be cool thrift stores are now scary goth stores with lots of leather straps and metal studs and also a large selection of houkas. Yikes.

I have to order frames for my name collages in large quantities from my supplier and I always dread delivery day. When I got home with Marlie this afternoon our front door was blocked by a wall of big frame boxes. Fun. Shane always offers to carry them all to the basement when he gets home. And most of the time I let him. But asking him to do all of that after work and before school sounded like a horrible idea so I put my big girl pants on and did it myself. Ah well, it was good exercise.

Here's to more productive days and also some totally unproductive ones because those are fun too.

And because a post with pictures is just so much more fun here is one more of little Graham's from last week's shoot...


He's just so cute.

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Emily S. said...

LOVE that green chair! Yay!