Friday, April 17, 2009

Garge sale

Yesterday was great. Monkey Pants and I had a pretty good day celebrating her b-day. We went to the zoo in the morning. It was a short little trip but still fun. She keeps telling everyone we saw cows. We didn't, but whatever she had fun and thats what matters. Then we went up to Shane's office for some lunch. And for dinner we went to my mom's.


Cute story... I was rocking her at nap time and she had her head on my chest falling asleep. All of a sudden she popped up and looked at me and said "two" and smiled really big. I said "Yeah Marlie that's right, you are two. Today is your birthday." She thought about it for a minute and said "cake?". She is her mother's daughter, all about the cake. It was so cute. She still doesn't have a ton of words and can't link them all together yet, but you know she is thinkin.

This weekend we will have a little party for her. Shane and I can't wait to give her our gift. We put it together the other night. I took all of the pieces out of the box and it looked like this....


I knew we were in trouble. It took about 5 hours, we were up until 2:00 in the morning and we had approximately 4 fights, but man is it cute. I never took a finished pic, because well, I was exhausted by then. I'll take some this weekend and post them.

Today was packed with meetings and errands and cleaning to get ready for the weekend! And I even stopped at a sale along the way. Who doesn't love a good Garge sale?


Today was weigh in day at Weight Watchers. I gained 1 pound. Ug. I know its just one pound but it is frustrating. This month is jammed packed with events where the food is really tempting and not so healthy. Shane's b-day, Easter, Marlie's b-day, and a wedding all in a few weeks. This is when it gets really hard. I know I'll get there though!

This weekend is going to be busy busy. Please say a prayer that the rain holds off for the Kids for Kairos fundraiser tomorrow! I'm hoping we can at least get most of the families in if not all of them.

And now I am off to do a maternity shoot. Its beautiful outside!

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Anonymous said...

She's too cute. Love that she's telling people she saw cows and love that she wants cake. :)