Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

This Easter was special for the Duggins not just because of the eggs or the candy or the brunch, but because our church held its first worship service this morning. We are part of a church plant here in St. Louis city called City Church. You can read more about it on the official website. When we moved here 10 months ago we came largely because we felt God nudging us to be a part of this church. We've spent the last months getting to know the other people God led here, getting to know our neighborhood and neighbors, and talking and helping and planning. Today we finally got to worship together on a Sunday morning. It was awesome.




We sang "In Christ Alone" which I love and I think sums up what Easter is all about with these words...


There are three little girls that are part of our church plant family. A few weeks ago they came over for a little photo shoot. We made them look like little sprouts. Get it? Church plant...sprouts..anyway it was pretty cute.



And of course there were eggs and all that jazz this weekend as well. We went to the park with my family on Saturday for an egg hunt. The kids were all lined up waiting to start. There were pretty much just piles of eggs everywhere.


Marlie was eagerly awaiting the start of the hunt. Then the Easter Bunny came over to where we were. She got one look at that bunny and freaked and then made a b-line for the playground.


Oh that monkey. She's a hoot. Hope you had a great weekend!


Beth said...

Those babies in pots are off the cuteness radar! Wow.

Katherine said...

K this is months off but I just now saw this post. A - Lunden, Kennedy, and Jane as sprouts are about the CUTEST THINGS I'VE EVER SEEN!! AWESOME pics!

Second, sorry the bunny scared Marlie - it's actually my dad :-). The bunny suit is kinda creepy so I don't blame her for freaking :-).