Tuesday, April 21, 2009

the last of the b-day posts...promise

On Sunday we had the fam over for a little partay for Monkey Pants. Because I am slightly nuts and a bit of an over-achiever I decided to try and make a fondant cake that I had seen a while back. However, since I knew my weekend was going to be really busy I did make a smart move and order the actual cake part from the grocery store. Nice eh? I used this recipe for the icing. It was gooey and weird, but it worked out great! I was pretty happy with the result. Cute huh?


Truth be told even with the cake being pre-made I still barely got it decorated in time. An hour before people were supposed to be arriving Beth came to my rescue and helped get the house ready. Seriously, one hour till party time and I had the cake half decorated and NOTHING else ready. Ah, what would I do without that lady? Only a true friend will clean your toilet and laugh at your ridiculousness. Cute cake, but its half way through projects like this that I curse myself for not just paying a bakery to make the dang thing.


Monkey liked her cake, but in the end she opted for a big cupcake. She walks around asking for cake every day now. She's hooked.


We were so excited to give her the new kitchen that we got her. Remember all those pieces? Well here is the finished product...



She loves it! So do I! I looked around on the internet for a while for the right one. I knew I wanted a wooden kitchen but they can be really expensive. I found this one on ebay and fell in love with it. Wooden, affordable, and red! The red part was a bonus. It is made by Kid Kraft. The assembly was a pain in the butt, but it was worth it!

So there you have it. I have a two year old. That is crazy.

Tomorrow..some maternity shoot sneak peeks.


Anonymous said...

I love the cake! I also recently became obsessed with fondant cake icing after a marathon of "Ace of Cakes" over Christmas. You are brave, brave, brave for trying it out on your own because I looked up some recipes online and the directions were about 4 pages long. I chickened out! Also, I can totally relate to having a cake half done and nothing else prior to go time for a party. Us art folks just can't let good ideas go - and cleaning is so not inspiring!
Good work. Jen

Lisa Sweeney said...

The cake is adorable-you did a GREAT JOB! This should be a new option on your website: photography, murals, cakes!!

Also, the kitchen is so hip and retro. I want one!! Happy 2nd Marlie!

Sara D. said...

The cake looks so great! Question for you: what kind of food coloring did you use to color the fondant dots? I love the colors! I myself, have never been able to achieve a good color combo w/ fondant icing, so just wondering if you used something special?

Maggie Laughlin Honerkamp said...

You are talented, way to go. The cake looks great! I adore the kitchen too. Monkey pants is one cute, lucky little lady. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Well, hello Mrs. Multi-talented. That cake is awesome! You did an amazing job. And I love Monkey's little kitchen. Too cute.

Julia said...

Please tell Justin I want that kitchen for Christmas. Thank you very much. :)