Monday, April 27, 2009

barn hunt

Amy and I were on a search for barns. Because...well I don't know why. Amy just wanted to go on a barn hunt and take some photos because she is cool like that and I thought it sounded like a fabulous idea. So.. off we went.

We had no hard and fast plans and sometimes that is the best way to take a road trip. The weather was amazing. Everything just fell in to place.

First we found this beauty...


I made Amy pose a little bit. She wasn't planning on that happening, but it did.


Then there was this little one with a few guard cows...


I love the wreath on this one...


This red and white one is a whole other blog post. Doinkey the donkey lives there. I'll post about that tomorrow.


Sadly this one was being taken apart and knocked down...


And then there was the mother of all barns. We came up over a hill and there it was. It was big and beautiful and bright red in the middle of a green field. Perfect. We settled in and spent some serious time there.


I made Amy dress up a little for some more shots...



And then she made me get on the other side of the camera. I am one of those annoying people who always hates photos of herself. But I actually don't mind these. Thanks Amy!



Oh red barn..I won't forget you.



Amy R said...

I LOVE the ones of you! Especially the second one. But I do like the one of you smiling also.

Anonymous said...

weeeeee for road trips. old barns have so much character! I really like all of these and I'm so glad you got to get away. Jen

Deb said...

Very fun.
Would you like to hunt for barns in Alabama next?

(By the way... you look fantastic! I am jealous of the weight you have lost!)

Love and miss you.

Sarah said...

I adore Barns. They say so much.

These are wonderful shots.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous shots!

Erin Wilkins said...

Love these pictures. Love your talent. I think Mark and I need to do a photo shoot with you soon...we are much more fit for country pics than the urban look. :)

becky said...

you and goz both look so models. i bet that was fun. i can just imagine the two of the pics.

Matt, Katie, and Sophia! said...

Love love love all of them, but I think my personal favorite is the one with the guard cows. I, too, love barns...especially with some cows thrown in the mix. What is it about them? (Meaning barns...not so much cows.)
Looks like you had a lovely trip. That makes me happy!