Friday, May 30, 2008


E: I love going on vacation with you. Its like I remember that we are married.
S: You remember that we are married or why we are married?
E: You know what I mean.
S: Because I remember that we are married every day when you nag me at home.
E: Nice.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This and That

So here is the story behind the name of my blog. A year or so ago, before there was a monkey pants running around this house, I used to enjoy sleeping very much. And there was a particular time when I was in a bit of a funk. When you work for yourself and no one is telling you to get going, it is easy to be a little unmotivated at times. Especially when your big bed is so nice and warm and your husband is already off to work so you can take up the whole thing and stretch and curl up your toes. So, I got in the habit of sleeping in quite a bit longer than anyone probably should on a daily basis. But, I felt guilty that my machine of a husband was getting up before sunrise, working out, going to work all day and then class all night. I mean who does that? And I was snoozing it up.

One morning the phone rang and woke me up at like 10:30. I popped out of bed to answer it and pretend like I wasn't sleeping. It was Shane. "Hi babe, whatcha been doin?" He asked. Mortified at the true answer I vaguely answered "Oh, this and that." and quickly changed the subject. I wasn't exactly lying right? By a few days later my conscience got the best of me and I confessed to him "Remember the other day when I said I had been just being doing this and that? Well, this was sleeping and that was snoozin." Of course I have the sweetest husband so he just laughed at me. Although I did get wakeup calls earlier in the morning for a while.

But oh friends, that was then and this is now. Its 9:30 and already today I have been to the grocery store, gone to the license burea, and dropped Shane off at work. Monkey pants is not in to the whole sleeping in thing. I bring her in bed with me in the morning and she smacks me in the face and tries to crawl off the bed until I can't contain her anymore. So, now most days this and that means running all day trying to get a bazillion things done like a spastic lady. But look at her, how could I argue with this face?

Today is a crazy day. Shane and I are leaving tomorrow at the butt crack of dawn for Oregon for a few days. It will be our first time away from Marlie for a significant amount of time. It will be hard to leave her but she will be with family that she loves. This is a much needed trip after a long year of work and law school for Shane, and monkey wrangling and art making for me. Shane has arranged for a massage for me while we are there and you know we will be sleeping in. HEAVEN. I don't know if I'll have internet access so I might not be posting for a few days.

Alright, I gotta get movin! Laundry, packing, cleaning, monkey wrangling, and possibly some photo editing. And I gotta go to Sprint since my cell phone has decided it will hang up on everyone I call after the first ring. Sweet.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

hello there

When I first heard about this whole blogging thing I was more than a little reluctant. People kept telling me I needed one but I just didn't go for it. Then I started reading other peoples blogs and now I confess I am a blog hopper. The worst kind too, the kind that never comments. I am working on it, I just like to remain anonymous for some reason.

What I didn't realize about becoming a mom is that you really get stuck inside your house a lot. I mean between the feeding and the naps some days you just don't see the sun. Especially during St. Louis winters. So, this year, my first year of motherhood, blogging has really helped me feel more connected. First I found mommy blogs that made me feel better about not loving every second of being a mom like when you realize that isn't hair product crusting up your hair, its spitup.

Then I found other moms who also had their own art business like me. I have learned so much from other bloggers about photography, life, balancing work and baby, etc.. What do you do when there is a period already and then you end the sentence like that? Anyone?

Anyways, at first I thought that this blog would be all business and nothing personal. I am reluctant to post photos of my daughter so at one point I thought well maybe I'll post ones where you can't see her face. Like Wilson on that old show Home Improvement, that I may or may not watch sometimes while I eat lunch. See, I'm already getting personal. But, then I realized I will post my clients photos, so that wouldn't be fair would it?

I guess what I am saying is I am totally excited about blogland and also still kinda nervous. But, here I am. So, don't be an anonymous blog hopper like me. Leave a comment and tell me who you are readers!

And oh, here is my favorite photo from my latest shoot. This was a family shoot and I caught this moment of mom and her youngest during a little break. So sweet. You can look at some other photos from this shoot in the recent folder on my website.