Saturday, January 14, 2012


After the wonderful, but somewhat exhausting holiday season, Shane and I slipped off to Jamaica or as Marlie calls it, Majaica. We were celebrating our 10th anniversary. Its really not until August, but who wants to go anywhere hot in August? Jamaica in January sounded much better. As always 99% of our pictures make it look like Shane went on a vacation by himself or no one was there at all. I kinda hate asking people to take our picture.

There was lots of laying on the beach, lots of reading, lots of Shane trying to convince me to snorkel, some hammock swinging, a little too much wind, just enough rum punch, and 5 days of alone time. It was really nice.

Don't get me wrong, we missed our kids. But it was really nice to walk around on warm sand for a while instead of cheerio bits. I wrote our names in the sand because I knew it would embarrass Shane...and it did.

Happy 9 1/2 years Shane. I still really like you.

Monday, January 2, 2012

thank you 2011

This year was full of great things. Tate boy was born, Marlie got even cuter. I took 6 months off of shooting for maternity leave and it was good to step back, concentrate on my kiddos, and refocus on my photography skills. I started back shooting this fall and loved being back behind my camera. However, along with baby #2 came less time to blog. I'm not upset about it, its just the way it is. I had so many great sessions this year that I just didn't get around to blogging. The following shots are some of my favorite shots from the "unblogged" shoots with my dear clients. Thank you all for a great year!

Last year at this time I announced that I was cutting back on work quite a bit. I am still not shooting as frequently as I used to, but I am opening up one additional date a month this year. Check out the schedule page on my website to check for open dates. Spring dates are already booking up so email me if you are interested!