Monday, November 2, 2009


This year Marlie was a train engineer for Halloween or Hallerween as she calls it. We went trick -or -treating in my mom's neighborhood which is Hallerween central with Mista Nug (also known as the cutest Tigger you ever did see) and his parents.

We practiced saying "trick or treat!", "happy halloween!", and "all aboard!". But when it came down to it she just smiled and said "more candy?" Pretty cute anyway. And yes, those are carrots sticks in her hand. In true quirky Marlie fashion she choose Halloween night as the right time to start eating vegetables.

Marlie may not have had a joke to tell on Halloween (that's what we do in St. Louis), but she really is a little comedian. Last night she was up tinkering around when she should have been in bed. This time when Shane went up to check on her she was had taken her jammies and diaper off and was running around naked as a jay bird.

But the best story of late is definitely what she said one morning last week. Shane was in the bathroom standing in his underwear shaving. Marlie walked past the door and when she saw him said "Wow dad, cool *panties!"

Hope you all had a happy hallerween!

*Let me stress that Shane does not wear panties. This is just what Marlie calls all underwear.


Anonymous said...

HA! She's too funny!!

And I love her costume.

Anonymous said...

Love these pics!! These are two cute kids!!