Monday, November 30, 2009

Coom By Ya

Today was one of those days. I started the day peppy and cheerful but by 10:00 I wanted to pull my hair out. You know those days when you know that everything going wrong is not the end of the world or even that important in the grand scheme of things and you keep telling yourself that, but inside you want to scream and run away to Cabo? was one of those days.

I found out this morning that my computer was malfunctioning. When I burned client's photos on to a disc for them it could only be read on MY computer...not. any. other. computer. This is bad because well...thats kind of what I do and its kind of my busiest time of year.

I did manage to make it through the day without totally losing it. Perhaps because there were little reminders along the way that helped keep my perspective in check. I was messing around with my computer trying to figure out what the heck was going on while Marlie colored next to me at my desk...

me: Huge sigh

Monkey Pants: What's wrong mom mom?

me: Oh sweetie, mom is just having a hard time. My computer is kind of broken and I'm trying to fix it.

Monkey Pants: I help you mom. My turn help you mom mom.

So cute. It made me tear up a bit

What is a 30 year old girl to do when she is on the edge of a melt down? Call my mom of course. She ran interference and then talked me down off the edge.

When I told her about Marlie offering to help me she reminded me of something I did at about the same age. My mom had gotten hopelessly lost and was really late for a soft-ball game. She had been driving around for a long time and started to cry. From my car seat I started singing "Coom By Ya"..."Someone's crying Lord. Coom By Ya." I had forgotten about that story. It was a full circle moment.

So at the end of a very long day as I was cooking dinner, confirming that I am in fact the worst pancake maker that ever lived, I started singing a little Coom By Ya. It made me smile and helped me refocus. And you know what? The day got better. I enjoyed our burnt pancake dinner, we went to Target together, and went and got our Christmas tree. Also, I think I fixed the computer problem. Not too shabby.

I'll tell you more about my mom tomorrow. She's great.


Anonymous said...

I love this story, thank you for sharing! I don't love that your day was mostly spent having a hard time (I hear ya!!) but I love that you were able to keep it in perspective. Maybe I should try a little coom by ya when those first graders are driving me BOONKERS and I feel like I want to scream!
In any case, way to go.

Anonymous said...

and p.s Mom's really are the best.

Amy R said...

So sweet. I love it when JJ tells me not to be sad.