Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The time Shane became the poster boy for helmet safety

Shane is a biker. Did I ever tell you that? He is a road biker. He loves biking. In fact on our first official date we stopped at a shop so that he could buy some bike shorts. And of course I teased him about wearing them. But I fell in love with him despite the spandex.

Here he is in a race a few summers back...

One thing Shane loves to do is to commute to work on his bike, even though it is about 15 miles each way. We have been a one car family for about two months since our old car finally bit the dust and so he has been biking to work even more than usual. It has always scared me. Its just too far, too often for something bad not to happen. He has always reassured me and laughed off my concerns, but in the morning I anxiously wait for a text telling me he has gotten there OK and in the evening Marlie and I wait to see him ride down our street.

This morning I got the call that I have been fearing the most...

me: Hello?
Shane: Babe, its me.
me: Shane are you OK?!
Shane: No, I've been hit.
me: By a car?!!
Shane: Yeah. I think I'm OK. I don't know. I got hit. The police are on the way.
Shane: I'm at Adams and Lindeman. An ambulance is coming.
me: I'm leaving now. I love you.
Shane: I love you.

The 20 minute drive felt like an hour. I was so shaken up. Marlie was scared. I was scared. She wanted to bring band aids for him and I was terrified of what shape he might be in when we got there. I thought for a moment about losing him. It was horrible.

When we got there things had calmed down and I could see that Shane was probably OK. He was hurt but he was OK. The EMTs determined it was fine for me to drive him to the ER myself and so off we went. It wasn't until he recounted the whole accident to the nurse at the ER that I fully understood how blessed we were. It wasn't until then that I knew that he had flown across the car roof and landed on the other side.

He was poked and prodded. X-rays were taken. And amazingly nothing was broken. He has a bum foot and a lot of bruises and scrapes. He is going to be really sore for a while. And he gets to wear this awesomely attractive boot which I am convinced is actually made for the other foot...

His bike is another story. Its totaled. But he doesn't even really care.

We went home, breathed a sigh of relief, thanked the Lord for His mercy, rested up and managed to make it to a very important dinner tonight. Shane's grandma, Nan, turned 90 today. She is a very special lady and missing her b-day just wasn't an option.

This is what she looked like when Shane told her what happened. She was not so happy...

But then we cheered her up and had some cake...

What a day.


Katherine said...

Oh. My. God. I was freaking out when reading this, I can only imagine what you and Marlie were going through. Though I do love that she wanted to bring him band aids :-). Thank goodness he's OK! Praying for you and thinking about you guys!!

JenHahn said...

Thank the Lord Shane was not more seriously hurt! Oh my. I can't imagine how frightening that would be for all of you. Praying Shane recovers quickly!

Deb said...

So so glad that he is okay.
Please tell me you are in the market for a car.

(Adams and Lindeman? He bikes all the way to the 'Wood?)

julia said...

And THIS is why I still can't believe Justin went on a 20-freakin'-mile ride the morning of our WEDDING!

Praise God Shane is alright!

Justin's been considering riding to work for quite some time now... This makes me extremely nervous. What happened with the car driver?

Jen said...

Erin, I pop over here from time to time to read your blog. Just wanted to say that I am so glad Shane is okay. Thank God. Prayers for a speedy recovery!

~Jen Garthe

Hudson, Tim said...

God is so good. I cried just reading this...I can't imagine how scared you must have been. Pass on our love and prayers to Shane!


Jimmy Armstrong said...

Shane just got another star on his man badge. Glad everyone is ok!

Jimmy A.

erin said...

Thanks for all the prayers folks! The driver was an older lady. Actually a friend of Shane's Nan if you can believe it. She was very shaken herself and stayed until we left. She was insured and everything should be taken care of in that respect eventually.

I know how you feel Julia! Its a dangerous sport no matter how you slice it. But boys will be boys I guess. Actually I like biking myself. Just wish we could eliminate the chance of being flipped by a car!

Amy R said...

Oh Erin! (And Shane & Marlie) I am so glad that he is okay. I have always been amazed that Shane biked all the way to work - and that was when you lived closer in but still far away in my book. We will pray for a quick recovery. Love you and your family, sweet friend.

Anonymous said...

Thankful that Shane is okay, and I'll be praying for a speedy and total recovery. Linda

Anonymous said...

Lisa just happened to check your blog today. We are so happy that Shane escaped as well as he did.Maybe he should ditch the "I'm a lawyer" sticker on the back of his helmet so he won't be such an attractive target in the future. Let us know how the convalescence goes. God bless! Howard & Lisa