Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Day thanks and a deal for you

Yesterday was a wonderful Thanksgiving. I meant to blog about all the things I was thankful for, but I was too busy enjoying them to blog :). It was a chilly and wet day, we watched Shane play football with some friends, I baked pies, we saw both of our families. It started snowing big fluffy flakes out my mom's picture window as we sat eating our turkey as if to say "winter is here!". It was great. I really am so thankful.

Today is Black Friday and I am inside plugging away at work and hoping to avoid any sort of shopping. Some years I have it in me and this is not one of them. Have fun if you do venture out! If you choose to stay in and do some internet shopping then I have a deal for you ...

Today or tomorrow if you purchase 2 or more name collages then you get free shipping. That's $10 off each sign! Just enter holiday2010 in the coupon code box and the deal is yours. The code will be expired by Sunday, so get on over to the shop and cross some gifts off your list. Happy shopping!


Beth said...

I, too, was overwhelmed by the thought of Black Friday shopping this year. But then when I later saw some of the deals, I was kinda sad. I think we should do it next year. Hopefully we'll both be sleeping by then and we'll get up at some crazy hour and shop and then have breakfast and then shop some more. Or we could just go have breakfast. Whatever.

Hillary said...

I'm grateful for sharing the good news. My friend, Nanette, will surely love the deal. She's busy online shopping for the holidays.

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Thanks for the incredible post, Erin! Surely, I'll let Nanette know about this post.