Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good Morning Wednesday

Alrighty. A few days ago Jodie posted a challenge on her blog. Photograph the real stuff, not just the picture perfect moments so we can remember what life was really like when we look those photos years from now. Now remember people, we just moved so we recently purged lots of junk. Also we haven't lived here long enough to make really super embarrassing piles and messes quite yet. Ok, here we go...I really hate putting away laundry. It drives Shane nuts. This basket of Marlie's clothes has been sitting here for approximately 5 days.
Argh. The kitchen table always has some random crap cluttering it. Here we have a bottle of Mod Podge that I keep forgetting to put away. Also, a box that was supposed to be returned to Charter like two months ago. And two sweaters that need to go in the wash. On Monday I draped this beach towel over the shower bar to dry and the whole thing came crashing down. I'm too short to put it up without a step stool and I'm too lazy to go get one, so there it lays. And when the curtain is down you can see this lovely hole in the shower surround. We had a leaky pipe in there the day after we moved in and have been avoiding getting it fixed because well, that takes money. Ah yes, my business records. As you can see record keeping is not something I'm not very good at. I haven't gone through and recorded anything since before we moved. My quarterly sales tax payment is due this week so I am going to have to tackle this in the next few days. And finally, my office. It got a little out of control in there. Bags and paint and boxes. Shane and I are supposed to be sharing this space and I promised him I'd keep it clean so I did clean up after taking this photo.

Jodie posted a photo of her stretch marks. She is a brave brave lady. Sorry folks, I just can't do it. Lets just say that Shane once told me it looks like my stomach was scratched by a cougar. Cute. Alright, I'm outta here and off to edit!


Jodie Allen said...

so glad you took the challenge! i love that other people struggle at putting their kid's clothes away... it makes me feel better. and i laughed at shane's comment about your tummy... when mine started showing Chris asked "what's that?" and when I told him it was a stretch mark he just looked really sad. Guys are so good at making us feel really good about ourselves aren't they? :)

Anonymous said...

This was hilarious. I am sitting in a class and had to literally bite my tongue to not make a scene. I am going to have to give Shane crap about that. You are a funny girl erin

Jimmy A