Wednesday, July 2, 2008

my new hood

Monkey Pants and I went for a walk this morning and I brought my camera along to show you around. Here are just a few of the things I love about our new neighborhood…

#1 The park is BEAUTIFUL. Look at the pond and the flowers. Love it.

#2 I love this big random frog in the park. I don’t know what her story is but I love her. I personally think this is a momma frog. See her baby underneath her? I think she got tired of baby frog getting in to everything so she sat on her. Good thinking, I’ll have to try that out. Look at momma frog’s face. She is exhausted and I want to tell her I understand sista.

#3 Monkey Pants loves to swing. Believe it or not that is a look of delight.

#4 The business district is awesome. I love the coffee shop and all of the great restaurants.

#5 The brightly colored doors. I can’t wait to take someone’s photo here.

#6 The cool and strange alleys. I love this skinny one. And I am in love with this pink wall with the silver doors. Tell me you don’t want your photo taken here. Liar. You know you do.

That’s it. I’m finally beginning to feel more at home here. Yesterday I came very close to getting off at our old exit off the highway. When I realized what I was doing my heart hurt a little bit. But when I pulled up at our new place it did feel good.


Jodie Allen said...

your neighborhood is one of my favorite places to shoot... i know that green door and love it!

marlie is so adorable by the way!

jen hahn said...

I need to visit your new hood soon. And if you want a monkey break, we have nothing going on next week. Drop her off, we'll start up the "fountain" (a.k.a slip n' slide).

Frank said...

Oh that Monkey Pants is too cute! I'm so glad you're feeling at home and exploring the 'hood. The move was a big adventure and you were brave to do it. Love your letter to the cable man. I'd love engagement pics maybe in front of one of those doors---something different.

Beth Bethel said...

Next time go ahead and exit at Jamieson and come to my house and we can go get slurpees :)