Thursday, July 24, 2008

some favorites

Nothing too exciting to report these days. Lots of Monkeying around during the day and lots of photo editing at night going on. Marlie is so cute that I want to squeeze her all the time. And I do.

I can’t think of much to write today so I thought I’d show you some of my favorite things.

This dress from Target is my newest favorite thing. All you moms out there, go get one! Or order it online I guess because they are out in most stores. I hate shorts so I'm always struggling to find something to wear in the summer heat. I got this dress in two colors last week. Shane will be sick of seeing me in this dress by the end of the summer. These shoes by See Kai run are so great. I love the colors. Sadly Monkey Pants has just grown out of her pair. They are wide for chubby feet and have squishy insoles. Love them!

I believe that hospitals should send all new moms home with a pair of Spanx. They are pricey, but worth every penny.

Go to and check out the shop called Lassie Girl. Marlie has two of these adorable reversible pinafores. They use amazing fabrics and the pinafores are great all year round. you can put it over a long sleeved shirt and pants in the fall or winter or just with a diaper cover in the spring and summer. Love this apple and pear print for fall. And Finally, peach Fresca. It is so good and is my new favorite summer drink. I don't think regular Fresca tastes like anything but this stuff is good.

Thats it folks. I am exhausted and I will, I must go to bed early tonight. I am always exhausted when I put Monkey Pants to bed, I do some work and then I get this surge of creativity at like 11:00. Why is that? Anyway my body is mad at me so I've got to get some sleep.


myra said...

i have that dress too! let's be twins some day.
also,i would read the adventures of bean and nug. and if i ever had kids they would own every book in the series. (autographed of course) ;)
miss you.

Matt, Katie, & our baby girl! said...

I went to and looked for "lassie girl." No luck. I love the dress that Marlie had on at church a while ago and would love to check out the dresses, but I think I need help. I don't think I understand how to navigate that site. Any advice?

erin said...

Ok for some reason LassieGirl is hard to find on etsy. When you search make sure it says search under sellers:usernames then type in LassieGirl exactly with the caps and no spaces. It should come up!

Miss Wanderlust said...

I need that dress!!