Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bridget Jonesness

This morning Monkey Pants took quite the tumble. She just got going to fast and her feet couldn’t keep up. But I must say I was impressed with her recovery. She did a little roll and hopped right back on her feet. Nice. I must say that I think I she inherited this skill from me.

When I was about 7 months pregnant I had a photo shoot in a park with an engaged couple. I was a little nervous because I had never met them before and I felt so huge and awkward in my prego body. But I put my shoulders back and got my game face on and walked up to meet them. I had my comfy red Dansko clogs on which I love, but they are flawed in one way. They are so clunky and kind of tall, so it is really easy to turn your ankle when you are wearing them. Especially when your tummy sticks out two feet in front of you and you have totally lost your sense of balance. So, I am walking up towards this cute couple and their backs are turned to me (luckily). About 10 yards away from them my ankle turns and down I go. Pregnant self plus camera bag all in a blur of a rolling ball. My pride flashes before my eyes and I somehow quickly hop up and see that amazingly I have managed to tumble right behind a large shrubbery in between me and them. I dust off my pants, ignore the gravel stuck in my palms and keep on walking toward them. They had no idea. Or at least they pretended not to know.

Sometimes I feel a lot like Bridget Jones. I can just see that scene in one of those movies. One time someone said to me “You remind me of Renee Zellweger.” Wow, I thought, really? But then it was quickly followed up with “when she played Bridget Jones”. Hmm, didn’t she have to gain like 50 pounds for that role? Is it my tendency to do barrel roles on photo shoots or the huge panties that you imagine are in my drawer that makes me remind you of her?

I have a busy day ahead of me. Lots of errands to run today and a bunch of work to get done tonight. I’ll try to stay up on my feet.


Armstrong's said...

You are funny and I love seeing all of your projects. You are so talented- it is cool to see you use the gifts the Lord's given you in such fun ways :).
Un abrazo,

Nicole said...

This is late and has nothing to do with Bridgette Jones (though don't we all have Jonesness days??)--happy belated birthday!

I'm working hard on my non-lurking:)