Wednesday, July 23, 2008

a stomach bug and more of Bean and Nug

I've been out of commission the last few days with a nasty stomach bug. I guess this is what Monkey Pants had last week when she puked all over me. She probably was feeling as bad as I was and I didn't even know it. Poor thing, she can't say "I feel like junk mom, and those meatballs you keep trying to make me eat make me want to be sick."

Three cheers for Shane for taking off work Monday so I could pull the covers over my head and moan all day. Of course now he is not feeling so hot so that is no good. Whatever this thing is, it is taking the Duggins out one by one.

So, I don't have much to say today because I've been curled up in a ball the last few days. But here is a photo of Bean and Nug's last adventure that I keep meaning to post.

This was on the 4th when they went to the Cards/Cubs game together and sat in the luxury box. Mista Nug has his pinky on his mouth like he is about to demand one meellion dollars for the return of Bean's pacifier.

My friend Amy called a few weeks ago to tell me that I should write a children's book called The Adventures of Bean and Nug. I am pondering it. I think it could be cute.

Alright I'm off to get a shower and tackle the day!

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Beth said...

Oh what a precious night that was...Marlie in her bootylicious Cardinal outfit and Nug in his patriotic, yet spit saturated, onesie :)