Monday, July 14, 2008

29 and counting

Well today is my birthday. I am 29 now. This weekend and today was full of b-day shinanigans. Dinner with the fam, dinner out with Shane, shopping with my mom. It was nice. Yesterday Shane's parents took Monkey Pants and we got a butt load of house stuff done so I can actually breathe a little in this place. It is finally coming together. People have been asking for photos and I promise I'll post some soon.

Here are four reasons why I know I'm getting old. I realize that I'm not even 30 yet, but still I feel older.

1) I hate this whole low rise pants thing. Seriously, down with the low rise. These pieces of clothing were not made for people like me with a post monkey pants tummy. It is just wrong. When will high rise sweatpants be in? Sign me up.

2) Is Eddie Bauer getting cuter stuff or is it me? I used to laugh at the stuff in those catalogs and now I order it.

3) Beth's birthday is 4 days after mine and this year we decided to buy each other ice buckets because we both need one. How exciting is that? Pretty soon we'll be buying each other prune juice or something.

4) And lastly, the other day I referred to a group of kids at the mall as "rif raff". Seriously it just came out of my mouth like I was an 80 year old woman. No offense 80 year old women.

Oh well, 29 feels pretty good. Except for Monkey Pants apparently didn't get the memo that it was my birthday today. She was extremely crabby tonight and when trying to escape my grasp at bedtime stood up when I was bending over to pick her up and slammed me in the cheek bone with the top of her head. That part didn't feel good. She didn't seem to notice and went of screeching like a spider monkey. Oh that kid. She's a pistol.

I did some work this weekend as well. I shot a wedding on Friday night and had a shoot Saturday morning. I'll post about those tomorrow. Right now I've got to go clean my dentures and hit the sack.

p.s. Thanks for all of the comments! I love that. You're the bees knees.


Jen Wiemer said...

you forgot one sign of feeling old:

the point at night where you want to go home and i want to dance!

love you and happy belated birthday!!!

Katie Mohr said...

happy birthday!!! Hope it was great!!

Cecania Tallmadge said...

Wow, you still got nice activities to spend your birthday, anyway. Jenny's right. You have the feeling of longingness to go home and just relax and have fun. Haha! You already have dentures at 29? Wow. How was it?