Monday, July 7, 2008

scalpels and stuff

Well my day started out with a trip to urgent care. You know things are bad when the doctor says to the nurse “Man this thing is in here deep. Can you go get me the scalpel?” 4 pain shots and 20 minutes of digging later she finally got the splinter out. Fun times. Then she sent me home with instructions to stay off it for a day or so. I thought that was comical because we all know there is no such thing as one legged monkey wrangling.

This weekend was great before the foot incident. Shane won 4 tickets to the cards game in the company luxury box. Can you say free hotdogs? So we spent the 4th at the game. Then we headed to my mom’s cabin with some friends of ours and their little girl for some relaxing. Love this photo of Monkey Pants and Shane..

And now I must edit. I have a wedding deadline in a week and another wedding this Friday so I have got to get to work. I have a new strategy this time though. I learned a few ways to streamline the process from Melissa Jill’s blog. I love when other photographers have blogs and I can learn from them.

I did get this little guy’s shoot edited. Grayson is the drawer baby from a previous post. Here are a few others I love..

Welp, I’m off to edit.

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Miss Wanderlust said...

LOVE these pictures!