Sunday, July 6, 2008


Note to self: Old pine wood floors are beautiful until a splinter the size of Texas enters the bottom of your foot.

This is not such a fun way to end a fun weekend, but here I am soaking my foot. Shane got the big part out right away but there is a chunk way deep in there that is ticking me off. And yes I already tried tweezers, a pin, soaking it, numbing it with ice and digging the crap out of it. And yes because I am a big baby I did call my mom who came over wielding her purse like a black bag and announcing that Dr. Quinn medicine woman was here to save the day. She gave it a good try but we just couldn't get the bugger out.

I do not have time for this! This week is coming at me like a freight train and it looks like I'll have to make a pit stop at the doctor's office tomorrow. Poop.

The rest of the weekend was a blast so I'll post about that tomorrow!

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