Sunday, June 29, 2008

a drawer full of Grayson

Oh my its late. But here I sit doing a little editing. I had a nap and a few sodas today so I’m good. I just started thinking about all of the work I had to do and wanted to get some done.

The disarray of the house is really starting to get to me. Just ask Shane. I don’t think I was so fun to be around tonight. As much as I tell myself it will all get done and I can’t expect it to be all put away right away, it is driving me nuts. I need like a week of no work and no monkey pants to get things in order and that is not going to happen so I just need to shut up about it and enjoy life here in this new place.

Tomorrow is a sad day because Shane’s night law classes start up again. Boo. That means less help around here, long days with monkey, and some lonely nights. This time next year it will be all over though. The end is in sight.

The soda is wearing off so I must go. But before I do this one is for you Jodie. This is my favorite at first glance. He’s adorable.


Jodie Allen said...

Thanks Erin! That totally made my day! I can't wait to see the rest (but NO hurry, you have enough on your plate!)!

And if you don't mind Grayson coming along, I have all week with Chris here if you want help unpacking, sorting, cleaning, arranging, etc. Or he and I can play with Marlie to give you a break... or you could bring her here for a few hours... the girls would LOVE that! Really, just let me know!

jessicabusse said...

Erin, what a great picture! I haven't seen the rest but I agree... a great picture!!! And such a cool hutch thingy... (whatever it might be called)

Deb and Josh said...

Hi sweet friend. Thanks for your comment on my blog... your blog ALWAYS makes me smile and makes me wish (as I do many times a day) that I could be in St. Louis to hang out with you and others. We are planning a trip back to the Lou at the end of July and I hope I get to see you!
Love you!

emily said...

love the composition on that pic! Of course, Jodie's kid is awesome no matter what, but you really did Grayson justice!!