Monday, June 2, 2008

back home

Shane and I had a great time in Oregon. Its absolutely beautiful there. Why do people live in Missouri again? Here’s me jumping for joy that we are on vacation.

Our first full day there we got a little adventurous. Here is our lunch spot and my dashing husband up on a cliff above the beach.

We took a trail down a ways from this cliff but then the rest of it wash washed away. No fear though, there was a rope. As much as I am not excited about this view I had to post it because it is not everyday I do this sort of thing. Mommying doesn’t usually require rapelling.

It was worth the effort because at the bottom the beach was so cool. The tide was out and we got to walk around and look at all the stuff in the tide pools. It was just the two of us on this big beach with tons of little crawly beach creatures. This was when we both admitted that we are secretly scared of sea crustaceans. We had vivid visions of a large star fish making a slurpy type of sound and suddenly attaching itself to our face. When we couldn’t handle the creeps anymore we skedaddled outta there. Well, not so much skedaddled as stared at the rope wondering how we thought we could get back up where we came down. But, we made it.

What else? The hotel was amazing. Not fancy schmancy, but perfect. Soft sheets, a fireplace in our room, a basket of breakfast goodies dropped at the door every morning. Hotel Cannon Beach, I miss you so. Also, there was a nice little fire on the beach and a beautiful sunset.

Being without Marlie was painful at times. I missed her and I kinda forgot how to be me without her if that makes sense. It was good for all of us though. Once I got off the plane I could not get home fast enough to see her. She was happy to see me. Studied me like wait a minute, just where have you been? I am looking forward to squishing her legs all day tomorrow. She’ll be sick of it after the first squish but she’ll humor me.

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