Thursday, June 19, 2008

the adventures of bean and nug

This is Bean and her friend Nug. Or Monkey and her friend Nugget which ever you prefer. Nugget is my friend Beth's little boy, his real name is Weston and he is the famous baseball glove baby. I'm so glad I grabbed that glove at the last second on my way to their house.He's chunked up quite a bit since then, hence the new nickname.

Anyway Beth and I are trading kids a few days a week so we can get work done or run errands, or take a shower like normal people. Beth is also my new name collage assembler extrordinare. I have been getting so many sign orders that I was in over my head and Beth wanted a side job so she could be with nug and make a little dough. So, she is my new independent contractor. If you own a small business then you know what I mean.

I imagine that Bean and nug will have many adventures together in the days to come. Today they decided to have screechfest 2008 while we tried to box up some collages to ship out. This also involved Bean trying to smother Nug with a pillow and Nug spitting up chunky barf style all over the wood floor. Beth and I just looked at each other like remember the old days when we used to paint eachothers toe nails and go to Target just for fun? Sigh.

Somehow we got some stuff done and signs are coming to you if you ordered one!


Jodie Allen said...

i can't believe how chunky weston is! holy cow! take some chunk shots of him... i want to see those thighs! :)

Beth Bethel said...

I like that I'm an "independent contractor" professional...I think I need a business card :)