Monday, June 23, 2008

The Jens

This weekend was a busy one. Full of photography, fun with monkey pants and Shane, and lots of unpacking.

I shot a wedding on Friday night (sneak peek coming tomorrow) with my friend Jen Wiemer. Jen is a friend from when I used to live in K-ville. She just graduated from Truman with a degree in art this spring. So, while she's figuring out what is next for her I snagged her up to be my wedding photography assistant. She drives in from Columbia to help me out. And help she does. She is a great photographer and keeps me calm in the midst of wedding chaos. She also has a way of getting hit on by guys at the receptions, but thats a different story. If you are in the Columbia, Mo area and are looking for a photographer or graphic designer check her out .

The other Jen is Jen Hahn. Jen is my friend and now x-neighbor. Boy do I miss having here two doors down. What am I going to do when I need to borrow an egg? Anyway, she is an incredibly talented artist. If you haven't already seen her photo announcements on my site check them out.
She used to work for a well known St. Louis artist and now she is out on her own. And she should be because her stuff is amazing.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the shoutout--sorry it took me so long to come here and notice! :) edited photos coming your way tomorrow or thursday...