Thursday, June 5, 2008

Terri Stipo

Hello all. Today was a kick butt sort of day. I got so much done and it feels great. Went grocery shopping, finished name collages, packed a bunch, bought more baby gates, and even managed to take a shower! And now for my next trick I will finish editing the Kerber/Bingham wedding tonight.

But first, I want to tell you about Terri Stipanovich. I met Terri through church and she has hired me over the years to do lots of different projects. Family portrait, murals, etc. Here is a photo from the latest shoot I did of her sweet family...

Thats right, she is a mom of 6. Thats amazing if you ask me. And now Terri is doing something else pretty amazing. She has started her own business making photo slide shows with music for people. You know, the kind that would be great for weddings, graduations, birthday parties or for a gift. Now I have seen my share of DVD slideshows and Terri's are really good. Check out her website to see some examples and for her contact info.

I'm off to edit!

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