Tuesday, June 3, 2008

photog girls

My friend Jodie who is also a photographer came up with an idea for a kind of girl photogs night out. So out we went. Jodie, her friend Emily and me. Last month, I think, we went and took some fun photos at the grafitti wall downtown and then out to dinner to chat about photography, our babies, and life. When I took these photos I was thinking man if I had a blog I could post these. So here are some of my favorites.

Here’s Emily. Check out her blog. She has a great tutorial on using digital frames with photos.

And here’s Jodie. She has a blog too. Actually she is the one who convinced me to have my own. She is super talented and about to have a baby any second.
And the three of us together. Am I really that short? I must be standing in a hole or something right? Lets just pretend.What a great idea. We need a name though. Any suggestions?

Today I had a sitter for a while and got a little work done. I hated having to have Marlie with a sitter today since I just got back last night. But, I have a lot of work to do. A wedding to finish editing by the end of the week. And packing to do. We are moving next week. Did I mention that? Its bonkers, but exciting. I'll talk about the details tomorrow. I'm off to edit!

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Jodie Allen said...

i didn't know you were moving next week! are you so overwhelmed/exhausted/excited? :)

when you get things settled i am dying to come see your new space! want an infant to shoot in your new space? :)

i still owe you a disk! i haven't forgotten, well now i haven't... i'll try to get that to you tomorrow.