Thursday, June 12, 2008

Goodbye Odell

Today is moving day. The movers are packing things up as I type. This has been such a great house for us and has so many wonderful memories. This was the first house we owned. The first place I had a work space to grow my business. This is where one night while talking in bed we decided Shane would go back to law school. Most importantly this is where we had our first baby.

It makes me tear up to look at Marlie's empty room. I remember being so pregnant and painting her monogram on the wall. Wondering what she would look like? how long would this be her room? And imagining reading books in the corner chair. Why does life have to go so fast?

I was getting pretty sad last night about leaving and Shane said "Erin, this is what life is about. We have had a great time here and we will in the new place too. Don't be scared because you aren't alone. I'll take care of you and Marlie and we'll have so much fun together." I could imagine God was saying the exact same thing to me.

I may not have internet for a while because you know how that goes when you move. But, I'll try and pop in with a post here and there. On to the next adventure, here we go!


cara harjes said...

good luck with your move, erin!
i found your blog this week (my sister sent us both an email with that hot pic of her & markie mark, and your email address has your website info on it, so i went to your site, then found your blog!)
ANYWAY! it has been fun checking out your little life and seeing pics of your darling monkey pants (i LOVE that nickname, by the way!)
hope all is well!
cara (gosney) harjes

Anonymous said...

Erin, Your blog is darling. Keep up the good work--your artwork and photography are inspirational! I hope your move goes smoothly. Linda