Monday, August 4, 2008

A family shoot and more Bridget

Friday morning I headed out to a little town about an hour away to meet this sweet family at their lake house for a photo shoot..We took some Senior photos for Jake here.Then I got to take some photos of Abbie on the dock with her guitar. I made her play and sing for me while I shot. She is so talented! We decided she needs to cut an album soon so she can use some of these on the cover.

We took a bunch of the whole fam too.
I love how little Sally's smile sneaks in this one.

Anywhoo, it was a fun shoot with a really cute family. And a great excuse for me to drop off Monkey Pants at my moms and head out of town for a bit. Of course it became quite the adventure when I ran out of gas on my way back home :). But thats just more Bridget Jonesness I guess. Sometimes I really bug myself. I mean, why didn't I look at the gas gauge? I have no idea. So I had to sit there on the side of the highway in the 90 degree heat and wait for my sweet husband to leave work and rescue me. And he did, with no complaints...

me: I can't believe this. Why do I do such stupid things so often?
Shane: silence
me: You don't have an answer do you?
Shane: No, but I love you.

When I get really busy I just start doing really dumb things. Lately my specialty has been going to Target and not getting what I really went there for in the first place. Why don't I make a list? I don't know people, I just don't sometimes. And then I get in there and I get sucked in by the dollar section and the pretty clothes and the great cereal prices. Its a problem.

Then the other day when I finally got my sales tax figured for the quarter I filled out the little form, remembered to include the change of address form and hopped on over to the post office and got it mailed. Then, in the car I realized that I didn't put the stinking check in the envelope. Unbelievable.

Its supposed to be 102 degrees here today which is just sick. Why do I live in Missouri again? Marlie and I are not leaving this house unless we have to thats for sure. Hope you have a good day!


Jen said...

hey Erin,
I found your new blog through Katie's blog. I love hearing your adventures and your Bridget moments. I can completely relate! I have run out of gas 3 times in two years. you think I would learn but NOPE! oh well, I like to think it makes me charming, or something? and I agree, Target can get you.

Armstrong's said...

Hey Erin!
You crack me up :). So jealous that Jimmy got to hang out with you guys and see the new casa this past weekend. Love the pictures from your last shoot- you are so good. Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

smooth move Shane...I am so proud


Nicole said...

Erin, I can relate! If I had a quarter for all the times I do stupid things. And is it just me, or does it seem like I do more and more of them since having a baby? I swear I never used to be so absent minded and forgetful!