Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Monkey's tiny couch

A month or so ago my MIL bought Monkey Pants a little couch. She had fallen in love with her cousin’s couch so we just had to get her one of her own. When my MIL brought it over I cringed a little, OK a lot, when I saw it. This thing is lime green, turquoise and has ginormous backyardigan heads on it. Oh yes, that will make the perfect addition to the new house that I have been working hard to decorate.

Why do manufacturers make some kid things so ugly?! I mean I know its stimulating and all, but come on. I’ve seen a lot of these little couches and they are all hideous. I like to think that kids have more taste than the companies give them credit for.

Today at the grocery store in the bakery section I saw some donuts with green icing and a gummy worm on top. I mean really? I guess they think some kid will think that looks like a pretty tasty breakfast.

Also, we watch quite a bit of Baby Einstein around here and there is one thing that has really been bothering me. I can’t remember on which one, we celebrate the entire collection, but on one of them there is someone making up a banana split. All you see is the hand scooping ice cream on top of the bananas. Cute OK, but it is green mint chocolate chip ice cream. Bananas and mint chocolate chip? Gross.

I think that Marlie would prefer a nice plain pink couch instead of cartoon heads, a warm croissant instead of a gummy worm donut, and a scoop of mint chocolate chip sans banana. She is so sophisticated. Yeah right, she'd be all over that worm.

Here is Monkey Pants on the aforementioned couch taking in some Baby E. Man she loves that thing.

Please head on over to Noah's blog. The last time I mentioned Noah he was doing much better. It has been such a roller coaster and he and his parents are having a really rough time. I'd give him all of the gummy worm donuts in the world if it would make him feel better. Please pray for them and let them know you are doing so. Comments can really lift your spirits and they need some lifting.

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Sarah said...

My daughter has a Dora couch. It is nice and ugly, but she loves it. ;)