Monday, August 11, 2008

some clever title

Our weekend away was really fun. Lots of reminiscing and catching up with old friends. I missed Monkey Pants, but as I sat at the rehearsal dinner listening to speeches at 9:30 p.m., I thought boy we made the right decision. I would post a photo of the newlyweds, but believe it or not I left my camera at home and depended on my friends to take some pics. I just needed a little break. But believe me, they were adorable.

Speaking of adorable, take a look at this little man...

My photog friends Jodie and Emily came over last week to play in the studio. This is Emily's little guy Noah. We tried out the new child's chair and then we got out the suitcase. He was the perfect little subject.

Marlie was taking a nap so she missed out on the shoot. I tried to get some later but she was super cranky and this is what I got.

Lil stinker.


Jodie Allen said...

glad you had a good weekend... I can't wait for a weekend away! noah was the best subject I think i've ever had! he's adorable!

Matt, Katie, & our baby girl! said...

Marlie is getting SO big!! I feel like it's been a while since I've seen her, and this picture makes her look so grown up!
Glad you had a fun trip. I saw some of Becky's pictures on Facebook. They are definitely a very cute couple!

emily said...

oh Erin!!
#1- LOVE your Noah shots! Good angles! Don't you LOVE your studio light? I do. I might murder you for it. Kidding. Kind of.

#2- LOVE that photo of Marlie!! What a stinker, but what a CUTE one!! Let's get together again and do her next. She is too cute for words and I'd LOVE to have her in my portfolio!

Thanks again for yummy chicken salad, great Noah pics, and overall hospitality. :)

Anonymous said...

Super cute pic of Miss Marlie- I love it! Hope you are having a good week!