Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Reasons why I like this week...

I put Marlie’s hair in pigtails for the first time.

It is Shane’s last week of summer classes.

Monkey Pants started saying "go, go" when she runs.

I actually hung stuff on the walls in the new house.

I get to have lunch with the photog girls tomorrow.

Friday we are headed out of town for a wedding.

Marlie said ducky for the first time.

I get to see tons of old friends at the wedding.

I get to celebrate my friend Amy’s graduation on Saturday.

I got Monkey Pants her first pair of Crocs.

I have a babysitter today so I can knock out some editing.

Sunday is our Anniversary. 6 years baby!

And, because posts without photos are a little boring…

Miss Monkey Pants at 4 months. Oh that face!

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