Thursday, August 28, 2008

lesson learned

Today I learned that I must not go anywhere without a camera. Even if its just my little dinky point and shoot. I must not go anywhere without a camera because I might miss something that needs to be documented. Like today when Monkey Pants and I headed over to the park to play on the playground. When we got there we were greeted by a man riding around on a child sized ATV, with no shirt on, smoking a cigarette. He was having a grand old time looping in and out and under all of the playground equipment. And dangit I didn’t bring a camera. I’ m not sure what he would have thought about an impromptu photo shoot but it would have been nice to capture. We stuck to the swings for a while and when he started popping wheelies we got the heck outta there because I could just hear the news report…”A little girl was hurt at a local playground today when a large man on a tiny ATV popped a wheely and ran her over. When interviewed the man was mostly concerned about the cigarette he lost in the accident.”

Anywhosits. Today was a nice day. I had Mista Nug in the morning, Terri came over for lunch and I got to see an ATV show this afternoon. Tonight I have a bunch of editing to do. Scholl family you are up. Here is a sneak peek. Little Grace was not too excited about me taking her photo this day, but we got some good ones.

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Beth Bethel said...

Completely unrelated to this post, but funny anyway is that Kurt and I were bored and googling random things and we googled "Mr. Nug" and your blog is the first and second on the list!