Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ah Dang

Hooray for Shane being off school this week! He has saved me from a meltdown several times already. Yesterday afternoon Monkey Pants and I headed to Walmart to return a printer and get a new one. This should have taken approximately 20 minutes. It took one hour. I won’t get in to details because steam might start coming out of my ears again, but it was bad. It involved lots of phrases like “Ah dang this thing be a tax exempt, I gonsta hafta start all ova.” What really made me mad was that there was no apologies. No “I’m sorry this is taking an eternity mam.” Alright, I must stop talking about it before I get all worked up again.

When we finally got home Shane wisked Monkey off to the park to watch a bike race and I finally got a shower in and got a ton of editing done. Then after all that Shane even went to the grocery store for me. Ah dang, what am I gonsta do next week when he’s back in class?

I finally finished editing my last summer wedding. Woot! They are uploading now Mary! Here are some of the ones I love that I didn't take. This is why you need an assistant. Jen caught these moments when I was busy catching other things.

bride's mom seeing her for the first time.

Bride's dad being wheeled in to the church

Bride walking through the puddles

Bride welling up at her son's toast.
Love these!
Nice work Jen!

Today Marlie is working on that last molar and it is not pretty. I had to go get her from Beth’s this morning because she was ballistic and even when I got there she was still crying. I can see it is almost poking through so maybe in the next day or so she’ll feel better. Poor thing.

Tonight I have a hot date. PF Changs here we come!


Fern said...

You gonsta hafta soak a dang-ol' warshcloff in some whiskey fer dat baby.

Anonymous said...

Um...excuse me.

Please stop outlining how great your husband wife reads this...and we all know it is not true :)


Jen Wiemer said...

ah dang, yo assistant is super fly!