Monday, July 13, 2009

Leida + friends

Remember Leida? We have been busy the last month or so with our shoots of her with her family and closest friends doing the things they love to do. Here are a few shoots we have done..

Leida and her friend Gloria met me in the U-City loop for some shopping. I love the profile shot of them talking to each other. Gloria is pregnant and you can see her cute bump.

We went to a thrift store to see what we could find.

These glasses were great, but while the girls were checking out at the counter I just happened to look down and struck gold. STICK ON MUSTACHES. We couldn't resist. Made me think of you Emily! FYI, Rag-O-Rama has the sticky kind!

This shoot was so much fun!

Another shoot we did was with a family that Leida is close with. We met at the Muny for some shots. Can you even handle these kids? So cute.

Then we headed to Crown Candy Kitchen for some lunch and of course milk shakes.

More Leida posts to come! I have really enjoyed these shoots. Capturing people who love each other doing things they love. what could be better?

Tonnight Beth surprised me with a little b-day party with some girlfriends of mine. Such a surprise and so greatly appreciated! Love you friends.

Tomorrow I have a shoot in the morning and I'm hanging with my momma at night. She did give birth to me after all. Sounds like a great birthday to me!


Alicia W. said...

Came over from Sarah's blog (don't you just LOVE her).. Had to say hello and congrats on your weight watchers goal. That's wonderful.

Amy R said...

I wish I could have been there! Beth did call me but I couldn't make it because Jeff had plans already. I'll have to take you out for another birthday treat. :) Happy Birthday!

Leida said...

happy birthday, erin!

each time i see our pictures, i am newly-amazed at what a wonderful job you're doing. i'm so glad i chose you. see you this weekend to finish them up!

Emily S. said...

yay for the mustache love!! LOVE them! Made me giggle!

And thanks for the photos of Crown Candy. I always hear about it but have never gone. You have helped unveil some of the mystery, and now I REALLY need to go there!

Carrianne Photography said...

Erin...This is crazy...I am a follower of your blog -- LOVE your stuff!! Now I just saw your recent post with Leida and Karsee...went to school with those girls and was in CCF with them...small world!! Your work is great!!

JenHahn said...

Such a small world. Gloria is my friend. We haven't talked in almost a year! Crazy to see her here and pregnant! Awesome. Time to get back in touch.