Sunday, July 12, 2009

winner winner!!!!

Thanks for all of the great comments everyone! And for the birthday wishes. My actual b-day is Tuesday. The big 30. Yikes!

And now for the winner! There were 23 comments left. I used to choose the winner and it chose...#23! No lie. Good thing you left that last comment Sarah! Shoot me an email ( and tell me your mailing address and the color you choose and that print is yours!

I am going to use this post to answer some frequenty asked questions about the whole weight loss/Weight Watchers thing...

Q: Why do you like WW?
A: I like it for several reasons. First of all you eat real food so it something you can do forever once you learn the diet. Secondly you can eat whatever food you want as long as you stay within your given points. They build in extra points per week so that a dinner out is doable. The diet works with real life. Lastly, it works for me!
I have tried lots of different diets over the years. This works so I am sold.

Q: Why do you do the meetings instead of just WW online?
A: There just isn't enough accountability for me with the online program. There is something about those meetings that really helps. Stepping on a scale in front of a person each week is different then weighing yourself.

Q: What are some of your favorite things to eat that are still doable on WW?
A: I have lots of things I like to eat on WW, but my "go to" things that I always try and have around the house are..

- popcorn (one whole bag is 2 pts)
- turkey hotdogs (great for a quick lunch)
- Luna Bars (these are great for on the go breakfast or lunch)
- Crystal Light lemonade
- WW ice cream candy bars (taste like a snickers ice cream good!)
- oatmeal for breakfast
- fruit
- Smartfood multi-grain popcorn snacks

Q: How tall are you and what was your starting weight and weight now?
A: I am 5'1". I started at 148 and now I'm 128. This is the first time I've seen the 120s since my wedding.

Q: Are you going to keep on going or are you sticking with your current weight?
A: I think I am going to keep on going for a while. With WW you can choose to go on maintenance and maintain your weight or continue to lose. I am pretty happy with my current weight and want to be realistic but at the same time would like to lose a little more. We'll see what happens.

Q: What kind of jeans are you going to get?
A: I think I'm getting these unless I see something better. I love the way they fit.

Thats it! If there is anything else you want to know leave me a comment and I'll try my best to answer. Have a good night!


Sarah said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I never win anything. Awesome. Now what color should I choose is the big decision. :) I will be emailing you today.
Thank you so much, and you are an insperation with the weight loss.

Armstrong's said...

Hey Erin! Congrats on meeting your goal- I'm sooo impressed- with your transparency about the whole thing and what you achieved. Nice work :). Happy Day Before Your Birthday! We miss you guys- feels like it has been awhile. We will probably be in STL sometime this month or next so hopefully we can connect!

Nicole said...

Just a random question because I have no idea, does Weight Watchers cost anything? Congrats, again, on your accomplishment! I don't know when your actual birthday is so I'll say it again--Happy Birthday:)

leslie. said...

Go Erin! Way to reach your goal! I've always been curious about WW, so thanks for the scoop. Also Paige denim rocks!...I love my Paiges sooo much! Perfect Bday present :)

erin said...

Thanks ladies! Nicole, WW has a monthly fee of about $40. Needless to say I am anxious to make lifetime status so I can stop paying that! AFter 6 weeks of maintaining your weight that happens.

nathanartz said...

Cute jeans! So glad you are getting them. Loved all the WW info, congrats again, very awesome. Excited to see you soon in Chicago

katharine said...

Erin! 128 lbs! Wow! Happy birthday, btw!!