Thursday, July 23, 2009

quick hello

Just popping in here for a quick hello. I just realized that my lack of blogging might lead you to believe that little Charlie's delivery didn't go well which is not true at all. I've just been busy catching up on work and editing. Charlie's birthday was amazing and beautiful and I was honored to document it. She is an adorable little thing with a head of red hair like her daddy. And Sarah is doing great. Photos to come soon after mom and dad get a chance to see them.

Today is your pretty standard Thursday. I had a shoot with a cute little girl this morning. Marlie is on her way home for books and nap time. I think a nap is in my future too. Shane is still trucking away on studying with some caffeinated water at his side. I just had the best this time next week the bar exam will be over. Ahhhh. That is a nice thought.

Happy Thursday peeps.

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