Tuesday, July 21, 2009

waiting for Charlie

For the last few days the weather in St. Louis has been amazing. Usually July is blazing hot and sticky and the kind of weather where you can't even stand to put your kid in the car in their car seat. Instead it has been breezy and cool and lovely. The kind of weather that makes you want to breathe deep and have a drink on the patio with friends and get out and exercise.Not necessarily in that order. So nice.

This morning as I was driving I saw a man taking advantage of the weather by going for a nice jog. A nice jog wearing only blue spandex biker shorts and black knee pads. Hmm... I had to wonder what thoughts went through his mind when he chose that outfit. Why the knee pads? Well, if he falls his knees will be unscathed.

The last few days Marlie and I have been hanging out with friends and enjoying being outside and trying to stay out of this guy's way as much as we can...

Shane is on "vacation" from work and studying full time for the bar at home now. He is in full on face in the books, petal to the metal study mode. Proof of this is the fact that yesterday he said to me "I need more caffeine but I am so sick of all caffeinated beverages. I don't want any more coffee or soda but my eyes won't stay open." A frappuccino was all I could come up with so I went and got him one. Oh man. I don't know how he does it. The exam is next week so we are getting close!

Today I am hanging around near the hospital working and waiting to document little Charlie's debut.

Can't wait to meet her!


Hudson, Tim said...

My mom buys my dad caffeinated water so he can have his desired caffeine fix without the sugar. It think it's called Water Joe, or Aqua Joe, or something. I know it has Joe in the name and I think she gets it at Dierbergs. Tell Shane good luck!


erin said...

Thanks for the tip Angie! I'll go get some today.

Beth said...

That man reminds me of the one I see frequently running in silk boxer shorts...as well as the man I saw riding a bike last week while carrying a vacuum cleaner in one hand. I bet they all get together for coffee sometimes.

Hope you get lots of work done and do lots of people watching and eavesdropping at Starbucks today :)

JenHahn said...

Can't wait to see pics of Charlie!

See you Saturday.