Friday, October 10, 2008

you still smell

Last Sunday I met this cute couple at Forest Park for an engagement shoot.

It was a little hard to get this guy to smile. He wasn't all that excited about getting his picture taken to be honest. In fact he tried to cancel the shoot all together earlier that day but I made him come anyway. Not that he doesn't love his fiance to pieces, he just doesn't love the idea of a photo shoot. I can tell you all this because he is my brother and this cute lady is my sister in law to be, Erin.

One of the reasons I love Erin for my brother is she really makes him laugh. He can be a bit of serious chap. Lets just say his favorite TV show may or may not be Antiques Road Show. But Erin makes him giggle. I love that.

He warmed up after a while and then this shoot was a breeze because they are so cute together. He didn't even freak out when I made them kiss a bunch.

Can't wait to have you for a sister Erin. Gavin, you still smell. We used to write that on everything growing up. Any spare corner of paper would read "Gavin smells" or "Erin smells" just waiting for the other to find it. We also used to rewrite any song and replace the main word with "fart". We were polite little kids huh?


emily said...

funny stuff!! Nice job getting him to chill out and smile! (good work, Other Erin, too!)

Frank said...

I remember all those 'Gavin smells' and 'Erin smells.' Great pics of Gavin and his Erin---she does make him laugh and vice versa. And you, Erin Duggin, could ALWAYS make him laugh, in spite of himself.