Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Oh what a wonderful wiz he was?

So, its official, Monkey Pants is an all American kid. I took her to McDonald's last week for her first happy meal. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don't write me comments about how unhealthy it is. You know you like it. I had aspirations to feed her lentils and tofu her whole life but I tried both, she hated them.

It was a long day and Shane wasn't coming home for dinner before school so I knew I had a long evening ahead of me. And dinner time is rough. Marlie is a pretty picky eater these days. She screeches at me a lot, and I get tired of scrubbing dried up food off the wood floor. So, I saw McDonald's in the distance on my way home from Beth's and it was calling my name.

She loved it in there. She was enthralled by all of the interesting people. Arguing over the maximum amount of double cheeseburgers one was allowed to buy, pointing out the dead fish in the tank, and trying not to slip on the ever greasy tile floor. Good people watchin. And of course she loved the food. I couldn't help feeling like I was changing her chemical makeup with each bite. Once you've tasted that stuff you are never the same. Everything in moderation right? But it was so cute, seeing her kick her feet as she ate her hamburger and drank her milk, and feeling like we were on a little girls night out.

Then I reached in the happy meal bag (don't you miss the box?) to see what toy she got and this is what I found.

What in the world? It looked like something from "Children of the Corn" or "Chucky". After some investigating I found out it was supposed to be a Madame Alaxander doll version of the Wizard of Oz, the Wizard himself. I cringe to think of what the flying monkey toys look like! I showed it to my friend yesterday and her immediate response was "Oh no, that looks like a child molester. Get rid of that thing!"

Luckily Marlie isn't scared by it, she thinks he's great. I'm just saying though, you might want to look in your kid's happy meal bag before they do because what if they get the flying monkey?! Scarred for life.

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