Monday, October 13, 2008

This weekend was full of photo shoots. I feel a little naked without my camera around my neck right now. I had a shoot with Mista Nug and his parents on Saturday. I cannot wait to edit those! He was adorable in true Nug fashion. Then yesterday was mini shoot day in Lafayette Park. I ended up doing 5 minis and 2 regular shoots. The weather was great, we found a few perfect places where the leaves were gorgeous in the park, and got some great family photos for my clients. It was a long day, but I loved it!

Now, I have created a mountain of editing for myself, but that is just part of the deal. But before I can even get to sneak peaks of Sunday's shoot I must introduce you to little Addison...

She came over on Friday for a newborn shoot and she brought her whole family with her! Mom, Dad, both Grandmas and one Grandpa all came over to see Addison at her first photo session.

It was so cute. They are all in love with that little girl.

And can you blame them?

Congratulations Jacksons!


Sarah Holt said...

Sweet, sweet baby. Good job Erin!

Allison said...

My mom and dad loved the photo shoot yesterday. I guess my dad decided to cooperate, which is great. He's usually the life of the party, but on the weekend he often feels as though Anne "drags" him to various things. But I'm sure the photo shoot was fun and I can't wait to see some pics of mom and dad! Hope you're doing great!