Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How do you make a kleenex dance?

Put a little boogie in it.

Monkety Schmants is a roller coaster these days. One minute she is lovin me. Givin me huge open mouth slobbery, and these days snotty, kisses. The next minute she is biting me she is so mad. Yesterday she bit me 4 times. Are you serious kid?! We've been over this. You bite and you get a spank. And then you cry and then mom cries. Sometimes because I'm sad and other times because it really hurts. Like yesterday when you chomped on my cheek. Your cheeks look tasty too, but I don't bite them.

So far she has only bit me and Shane, but I have a feeling that some day I will be that mom. The mom of the kid that just bit another kid on a play date. Oy. She is still getting over this horrible cold. So I guess I can blame that for some of the attitude. I keep thinking that its going away and still the boogers run.

There are two necessities as far as I am concerned for a child's cold. The first is this..

This stuff is great. Marlie is even getting used to it and doesn't mind a spray so much anymore. The second is THE BEST favorite ever BABY ITEM I have ever had. Let me introduce you to Nosefrida

Most people haven't heard about this when I tell them about it and also, most people get pretty grossed out when I explain it. Just click on the link to read about it folks. Its a snot sucker. Literally. Its not as gross as you think. Go ahead, make fun of me, but when your kid has a head full of junk and you can't help you'll be sorry! Seriously, check it out its awesome. It helps prevent ear infections too, which we need help with in this house.

What is not awesome is when you loose one part of it rendering it useless! Somehow I lost the tube part. I am so mad and poor Monkey is miserable so I am ordering a new one asap.

Alright, enough about mucus. I took a nap today while Marlie napped instead of working so now I must pay the piper. I think I use expressions the wrong way a lot. Anway, its time to get to work on some editing. Good night!

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