Tuesday, October 28, 2008

let me see your tootsie roll

I can't believe Halloween is this Friday! October has gone by too fast and honestly I am not quite ready for November.

This year I had a hard time picking out Marlie's costume. Not that there aren't tons of cute ones to choose from out there, its just that anything pales in comparison to last year's.

I mean seriously. Don't you just want to unwrap her and take a bite? I found this on ebay last year. It was a tie between this one and a loaf of Wonder Bread by the same company. ADORABLE. If anyone wants to borrow it they are welcome to it.

This year when looking at costumes I couldn't ignore the fact that Marlie's nickname is Monkey Pants, so she will be a monkey this year. Maybe with some pants on top of her costume? Nah.

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Jennifer said...

how adorable! it will be hard to top that, but it's not like she can keep wearing it every year...she'll have to upgrade.

p.s. thanks for the website, i found that article and a bunch of other cool stuff!